Friday, December 7, 2007

True Colors

Well, it's been awhile, I'm back. Just in time it seems. Hillary is showing her true colors. She want to U.S. Presidency, and nothing, or no one will stop her from getting it. Especially someone who just appeared on the scene and took off the way Barack has. Hillary was sure she would sail into the Presidency. She said it's going to be me.

Hillary thinks the Presidency is her birth right. And she will do whatever to get what she and Bill considers their family's' legacy. It should not surprise anyone that the Clintons will try and destroy Barack. She will even dig up even his kindergarten records to use against him. There's no too low for the Clinton to go. They can't find any real dirt, so they embellish any little thing they can from his past. No matter how stupid the Clinton machine comes out looking.

I sure hope all the Hillary supporters out there see what happens to their girl when things get tough for her. She does not handle pressure very well. The free ride she enjoyed for so long from the press is over, and those of you that want to see Billary back in the White House, maybe you should move into the 21 first century. Billary is so last century. She's gonna lose.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Jesse Jackson And Bill O'Reilly, Billo Wimped Out

Jesse Jackson appeared on Billo show last night for the first time. They talked about Billo"s comments about his dinner at Sylvia's restaurant in Harlem, the Jena 6, and racial issues in general. Jackson was on for the better part of an half hour. It was an informative conversation. It showed something about Billo that most people already know (though they might not admit it). He considers whites to be superior to every other race of human beings on earth. He feels whites should have all power over the world's resources, including human resources.

Over the years Billo has said many dumb things that proves he thinks whites should rule the world. He's said white men have all the money and power, that the U.S. is a nation of white Christians. That it would be bad for blacks to pursue repreparations because it would cause an uproar in the white power system, and that black Americans would suffer because repreparation would piss off the many whites in this country who don't like the idea. For the record I don't think reparations for slavery is a good idea. I do think all the jim crow years when blacks built this country, and paid in their own blood, sweat, and tears for doing so should be be considered. Billo knows the kind of viewers and listeners he has, so he says things that sound very good to his flock. Though I do believe the things he says are his true feelings and beliefs. He believes because he's white he better than darker people. Of course Billo lives in his head, an alternate universe.

I was surprised how Billo completely buckled when he finally had Jackson in his face. Billo has done nothing but vilify Jackson all the years he's been on Fox News Channel. Yet when he had the chance to tell Jackson face to face what he thought of him. Billo not once confronted Jackson on any of the negative things he has said about said about Jackson in the past. In short, Billo wimped out. As for Jesse Jackson he held his own with Billo. He did not let Billo talk him down, or pull stupid statements out of thin air. Jackson challenged Billo, and Jackson made certain his points were made. Billo didn't dominate, he was forced listened. That was a refreshing change.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Al Sharpton And Bill O'Reilly

What a wimp! Sharpton, you Billo boot licker, oh you. I never really cared for Sharpton's style. How he always shows up at the time a racial issue has gotten newsworthy, and then he race hustles the issue to line his own pockets. But I did think the man had guts, however after watching the interview he did Wednesday night with Billo, I see he's even more of a phony than I thought he was. Sharpton completely wimped out for Billo.

When Billo asked Sharpton what he thought of Billo's remarks regarding his experience at Syivia's (Billo said he was surprised that a black own restaurant was the same as any white eatery he patronized). Sharpton said he had not yet seen the tape. What? Billo made these comments days ago. The comments have been widely covered in the media. And yet, last night, Wednesday, Sharpton hadn't seen the tape? As big of a racial amblance chaser as Sharpton is, he had not bothered to watch the tape before appearing on the show of the man that made the statements? What a crock. A cop out. Sharpton likes to think of himself as a provocateur, I guess just not up against Billo.

It makes me wonder, Sharpton and Billo had dinner at Sylvia's restaurant in Harlem, Billo said he paid the tab. Was Sharpton bought off for trhe price of a dinner? Or is there something more? Sharpton is regular guest on Billo's show, where they play off each racial sterotypes, maybe they made a deal not to provoke one another's audience base without being too obvious. Or maybe Sharpton did not want to offend his dinner companion.

Sharpton showed something really revealing about himself last night on Billo's show: he's much more concerned with his own wants than the racial justice he bellows about in the media. If every injustice against black people was wiped away tomorrow, Sharpton would find racism in that. I think this man is the worst kind of race pimp. He the kind that finds an popular issue of racial injustice, and rides it like it's a two hundred dollar a night ho. That Mr. Sharpton makes you the most abusive pimp out there, the kind that pimps his own race from the bottom up. Sharpton, you just keep kissing Billo's ring. And maybe Billo will drink from your pimp cup.

Monday, September 24, 2007


There's not much I agree with Pat Buchanan on, but today on MSNBC he made some great points in regards to Ahdmadinejad, and the history of the United States involvement in Iran. Ahdmadinejad spoke today to the student body at Columbia University. He said some dumb things, such as there's no homosexuals in Iran, women are treated fairly in his country, and so on. The Persian president made some good points today also.

First let me say I know nothing about the man. My information about him, and his polices comes solely second hand from the news media. I take that information for it's worth. I am skeptical of the news media. I do know that being a woman, Iran is not a place I want to live in. Women are third class citizens in Iran(infants boys have more rights than adult women). Anyone who dares to speak out against the Govorment punished severly. But, Iran's young people are pro western. The young far out numbers the older people in Iran. So, maybe if we America gives the young people a little help, they can transform the country.

Pat Buchanan pointed out some things that Ahdmadinejad said in his speech at Columbia that made sense. Ahdmadinejad brought out the fact that it was Europe that visited the holocaust on the Jews durning WWII, yet it's the Palestinians that have suffered at the hands of the Jews for the past 60 years. He also reminded us that the U.S. supplied Iraq with intelligence, chemical, biological, and conventional weapons to use against Iran in the Iraq/ Iran war. Ahdmadinejad pointed out that Iran's elected President was drove from office by the C.I.A., and the brutal Shaw was put in place to lead that nation. Iran has a history of human rights abuses, and so does the United States. So I say the rice can't call the potatoes white.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

O.J. Simpson, I Don't Pity The Fool

OJ. What can I say about such a man. He's been arrested in Las Vegas for armed robbery, and 10 other felonies. He says he was only trying to reclaim his property. Course it does not matter. The man has to be the biggest idiot on the planet. He has this insane need to be noticed.

You have to wonder if the thought of being OJ Simpson ever entered his hollow mind. The man is an embarrassment to the human race. If he goes to prison it's his own fault. He put himself in the situation. Course, if you ask me, he should have been in prison for the past 14 years. He should be doing time for double murder.

Some people giving interviews in the media says he was setup. OJ should be smarter than that. He let his need to be above the law out weigh common sense. If he has any common sense. I don't know how he was setup to break in someone's hotel room. That's a choice. OJ went to that room on his own.

I hope that black people across the country WILL NOT come to this idiot's defense this time. I don't know if OJ is guilty or not. The one thing I do know is that he uses his blackness only when being black is a benefit to him. When I see OJ on TV the people I see surrounding him are not black. Yet when he needed men to go to the hotel room, to as he claims, get his stuff back who does he calls: black men. He reminds of Bobby Cutts Jr.. Cutts dated and married only white women, yet when he needed underhanded help, who does he call: a black woman.OJ and Cutts are both what I like to call "necessary blacks". Which means, only black when necessary.

As a black person who is sick of OJ, I want it to be known here, that if he's guilty I hope he is convicted, and sent to prison for the max. Then finally maybe he will be out of our hair. I do feel for his family, I know they are tired of standing up for this selfish person.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Brenton Bulter

When being black is proof enough. That all that was needed in Jacksonville Fl. to get Brenton Butler 15, picked up off the streets, while he was walking along minding his own business. He was handcuffed, placed in backseat of police car, taken to a crime scene, identified by the crime victim. Brent was taken to the police station, questioned by cops on and for over 12 hours. During which time he was left alone in a cold soundproof room for up to 3 hours at a time. He was also deprived of food, water, bathroom necessities, his parents were threaten, and he was beaten into submission. He was not allowed to call his parents for over 17 hours. His father had filed a missing person report on his son. The cops wanted his signature. They get what they want, no matter if the information is right or wrong.

Brent was charged with, tried for, and found innocent of the murder of Mrs. Mary Ann Stephens, a tourist staying at a Ramada Inn in Jacksonville. The jury was out only 45 minutes. The only link Brent had to this crime was that he was identified by the victim's husband James Stephens. The only eye-witness to the crime, he was standing beside his wife when she was killed. His identification of Brent was shaky at best. But the word of a senior white man trumps that of young black man. Being black was proof enough for the cops, and Mr Stephens.

You have to feel for Mr. Stephens, the man had just experienced the most horrible thing anyone can witness. But he said there was "no doubt" in his mind Brent was the killer. He didn't say he was not sure, or that he was to upset to identify anyone. He was willing to take Brent's' life away without a second thought. His wife was killed by a black, and he wanted a black to pay for it. If the police were to have a case against Brent, they had to the make Mr. Stephens identification come true. So they framed Brent.

Then there's the state attorney. The cops had no evidence against Brent. No gun, no fingerprints, no money, nothing at all. Only Mr Stephens identfication of Brent as the shooyer. His prosecution was purely politically. He was tried to protect the honor of the cops that beat and threaten the child into signing the so called confession.The state did no investigation outside what the police had told them. The cops words were enough for the state.

You have to think where in the world did the law enforcement people in Jacksonville come from? And how in the hell did they every get jobs serving and protecting the public? And most of all you must think how are they still employed in the system? They are not fit to serve and protect. With people like them upholding the law, you can only imagine how many innocent people there are in jail, in prison, or even on death row, because we have laws being enforced by these people. Thank God they have been shown as the inept liars they are. Now, thanks to HBO the entire country knows what incompetent fools they are.

Thank God Brenton had the fantastic defense team that he had. Pat McGuinness and Ann Finnell are public defenders in Jacksonville Fl., and I personally want to thank them for the good job they did defending Brent. The people of Fl. should be proud to pay their salaries. These lawyers could work anywhere, yet the choose to work for a fraction of what they could earn in the private sector. They are true heroes.

The assistant state attorney Laura Starrett told the jury in her closing argument, to believe that the cops in the case against Brent beat and tortured him into signing a confession "was to believe in a conspiracy worthy of Oliver Stone". She was right on some of that statement. The conspiracy part, the cops and the state conspired to frame Brent. Only they weren't nearly as smart as Oliver Stone.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hollywood And Courage

You have to give credit to people in Hollywood who speak out against the President, and The Iraq War. These celebrities are really courageous. They stand for their convictions at the risk of financial loss, and damage to their image.You have to admire people like that, who put their principals above money, popularity, and all the time knowing they will be demonized for speaking out.

Some say they don't know what's going on, and that they should just be entertainers and leave policy matters to politicians. I say most of them were against this stupid war from day one. And that in itself shows us that the celebrities that spoke out against invading Iraq then were more in the loop than the politicians, or the pundits that got us into the mess we now have in Iraq. If the some people in Washington had listened to Hollywood, then maybe the decent policy maker who let G.W. Bush persuade them to sign on to his gung ho rush to war would have their reputations in tact, and have the credibility they need today to speak out against Bush on his Iraq policy.

Some celebrities who had the audacity to voice opinions that were anti Bush did suffer in their careers (Dixie Chicks and others). Yet they stuck to their guns, took the blows, and when all was said and done, they were proved correct. They had more courage than a lot of Congress people and media people could only have wished for. I also think most of the media should share the blame for cheering Bush on in the lead up to the war.

The media didn't do it's job and investigate the truth of Bush's claims about the threat Saddam supposedly posed to America. The media just repeated Bush's lies. It surly would not taken that much investigating on the part of the media to uncover the realty of Bush's claims. Night Ridder was the only media outlet that took the small amount of time and effort needed to look into what Bush was saying, and report the facts. Night Ridder conclusion: Iraq had no W.M.Ds. Very few media outlets in this country did what the outspoken celebrities and Night Ridder newspaper did: Question the administration. No one should be demonized for speaking out. If anything they should be applauded. The so called mainstream media would not even conceive of having anyone on their t.v. shows that dared to say Bush was wrong. The only t.v. media that let dissenters on air was CSPAN.

With all that was going against them at the time, including the news media, some celebrities still stood up and spoke out. They showed they are true patriots, regardless of what personal pitfalls would, and did come their way. Courage under pressure. That is a human trait anyone should be proud to have.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rich Blacks, And Hurricane Katrina

Two years later I can still see the T.V. images of all those desperate people in New Orleans. Holding on waiting for some help. They needed help from anyone they could have gotten it from. The help didn't have to come from the Government. Any person with the resources could have helped provide for the poor people of New Orleans during and after Katrina. Any black person with the resources should have helped.

So where on earth were all the rich blacks? Why didn't they load their plans with food, water, and the other badly need provisions, send the cargo to New Orleans to drop, and maybe save some lives? For what flowers cost a week for some of these millionaires could have paid for a plane loaded water for the desperate, thirsty people at the Super dome and Convention Center. Why didn't the rich blacks charter boats, barges, canoes, or whatever necessary to help? They certainly could afford to. Just imagine what plans filled with provisions sent by most, if not all of the rich black could have accomplished.

Say in a fantasy world, the black millionaires would have turned on their televisions sets, and was so affected seeing the dire suffering of people from backgrounds such as theirs, that the rich blacks acted. Maybe not bought another $600 bottle of wine, another $1000 sheet set, $10,000 a night hotel room, another $35,000 worth of flowers, another $3,000,000 ring, or another million dollar gold plated bathroom in a multimillion dollar mansion. Instead of buying that stuff, bought warehouses full of soup, water, any non perishable foods, or just plain toilet paper. Arranged to have it distributed among the Katrina victims trapped in New Orleans. There would have been little need for the Government to respond. (Please don't get me wrong, the Government should and must respond any and all times its' citzens are in great need, especially when there are disasters on any size scale).

Most rich blacks today came out of conditions similar to the conditions the Katrina victims lived in. So the rich Negroes know what it means not to have the means to flee a disaster. Yet they did nothing to alleviate the suffering of those poor folks. They were to busying buying millions of dollars worth of diamonds from Africa, not giving a second thought to all the Africans who limbs were chopped off, even children, so that they could not steal that particular rock that a flashy black millionaire displays. No compassion for the thousands of South Africans Blacks buried alive in the gold mines, so that the rich blacks a world away can one-up one another with biggest gold chains.

No these rich brotherz and sistaz do little to help others who share their ethnicity. They, the rich, would rather make people from Europe richer, paying millions of dollars for gold and diamonds that Africans were paid three dollars to mine. To say nothing of the dangers the Africans face in mining the gold and diamonds.

With all that I have said here, I sincerely hope that this blog entry gets the attention of at least one of the millionaire subjects I talked about in this entry. Maybe next time there's a disaster that effects mostly their own kind, they will step up, lead, and give less fortunate black people bragging rights, and more real heroes.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Being Gay And Repubilican: Tough

The Republicans: The party of high moral values. For everyone except themselves. They vote like angles, yet some behave like ally cats. They want to outlaw homosexuality. But if being gay was a crime there would be mostly Republicans jailed. They impeach a President for lying about a sexual act, yet at the same time they visit hookers. They preach family values, yet they carry on extra martials affairs, and sometime abandon their families for the other women. They want us to live the moral lives they rant about, while they have the moral lives that pleases their selfish lust.

It must be very hard to walk in a gay Repubilicans' shoes. Thanks to Karl Rove's obsession with making George Bush President, putting morals values at the forefront was a way to achieve that obsession. Stamping out gay rights was a most powerful weapon in their quest for power. Rove and Bush has made it almost impossible for their partys' politicians to be anything but Bible quoting, justifying, anti gay robots.

Before Bush was selected President, hardly anyone in the country gave a second thought to gays getting married. Bush and Rove needed an issue for so-called values voters. So they put gay marriage on the ballots of many states in 2004 which drew many of these voters to the polls. People who might not otherwise vote. (and evidently did not realized they were being played).

Rove and Bush had their cronies in Congress put forth congressional bills for gays rights on the floor for votes. So gay Republicans had to vote against gay rights and be hypocrites. These closeted gays were the ones making the loudest most anti-gay speechs during these votes. They were also be the people who would make the most hate filled, memorable speakers. Sen. Larry Craig, for example.

The people who mostly makeup the Republican party are mostly anti gay voters, who would never vote for any gay to represent them. So gay Republican seeking office have to hide their true sexuality. These gay Republicans probably have all the views of the conservative agenda, yet as openly gays they could never be sent to Washington as Republicans. This goes double for the older generation from the ruby red states. So a number of these men marry women to keep up appearances. They have to sneak around to be true to their sexuality. Cruising places such as airport bathrooms. This must be a lonely hellish life. I feel for Sen.Craig. He was forced to vote against every right that he, if was living as openly gay man, could have cherished.

Sen. Vitter phone number was found in client list of a she-pimp, and no Republicans were in the media calling for Vitter to resign his senate seat. They said was because Craig plead guilty to a crime, and Vitter never admitted to law breaking. I say the Repubilicans only get upset when Democrats cheat on their wives.(Bill and Monica) They gave Vitter the atta-a-boy. Craig got the you are outta-here-boy.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

William Jefferson, What's Up With His Voters

Why in the world did the voters in Louisiana reelect Congressman William Jefferson to represent them in Washington. The man is a crook. He makes his supporters look like idiots. They seem to conclude that as long as Jefferson brings home the bacon for them, he deserves his office. That's dumb thinking. Jefferson had a primary challenger, who would have done almost the same as Jefferson did for the home district.

I know most of his supporters are blacks. I also understand that blacks in general don't trust law enforcement. And it's a well deserved distrust of the legal system. But please, Jefferson is guilty. He's not some under privileged black picked up by the cops, prosecuted because he's black, and any black will do guilty or not. Jefferson is a very privileged Congressman. He's a high ranking member of our government. He's not being railroaded, he had not one reason to take a bribe. He did it because he's greedy.

Black people had better wise up, and see these so-called victims for what they are: Self absorbed crooks, who think they deserve to get away with breaking the law. They view themselves above the law. They live by their own rules, therefore they don't need to respect society rules. They use the fact that black people have historically been victims of the law enforcement using the system to keep blacks in their place. William Jefferson does not fit in that category.

William Jefferson used his office to line his pockets. He was caught with $90,000 in his freezer. Why if he had the money legit would he freeze it? Why not bank it? He was hiding the money. Hoping his freezer would not be searched. He underestimated the FBI's tunnel vision. The FBI wanted to catch a big fish, Jefferson was the catch of day rightly so. I hope that black peopole will come to their senses, and see that he is out for himself. He didn't take the money to help out his poor constituency. He is not worthy of their support. He is just a plain old greedy crook.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Michael Vick, Robert Byrd, Dog Fighting, And The kkk,

Sen. Robert Byrd thinks dogfighting is barbaric, and that those who participates in dogfighting should be punished to the letter of the law. It's good Byrd cares so much about the suffering of dogs. To bad he didn't have such compassion for the suffering of the humans beings that no doubt suffered at his hands during his years as right hand man to the imperial wizard of West Virgina's kkk Sam Green.

Byrd joined the kkk in 1942. He was a "kleagle". A person who recruited members for the barbaric brutal racist organization. He recruited over 150 friends and associates, and they started a local chapter of the klan. The new recruits were charged a $10 joining fee and $3 for the hood and robe. As kleagle Byrd collected the fees.

Byrd said he joined the brutal racist organization because of its strong stance against communism. Even Though in 1943 the Soviet Union and America were Allys against Germany. In fact President Roosevelt was still calling Stalin Uncle Joe. Byrd's reason for his klan involvement does not pass the common sense test.

We can only guess the number of black that have beaten to death, hung to death, burned to death, and drowned to death by Byrd's barbaric brotherhood, the kkk. The number is certainly in the thousands. From early last century to well into the 1960s black were frequently terrorized by the klan. Black people were murdered just for sport. For entertainment after Sunday Church services. Klansman Byrd was a part of the barbaric uncivilized lynchings.

In a letter Byrd wrote December of 1945 to notorious segregationist Mississippi democratic Senator Theodor Bilbo, Byrd complained about President Truman's efforts to try and integrate the military. Byrd wrote "A negro by my side, rather I should die a thousands times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again than see this beloved land degraded by mongrels".
In a 1946 letter (after Byrd claimed he had lost interest in the kkk) he wrote "the klan is needed today as never before. I am anxious to see the klan rebuilt in West Virgina."

In 1965 Byrd filibustered for fourteen hours to stop passage of President Johnson's Civil Rights Act. In 1967 Byrd voted against the nomination of Thurgood Marshall to be America's first black Supreme Court Justice. And as everyone knows in the year 2004 Byrd called lower class whites "whte niggers"

I must say that any living being weather human or animal should be treated humanely. Dogs shouldn't forced to fight to the death and killed in horrible ways such as hangings, electrocutions, or drownings. Females dogs shouldn't rape, and forced to breed. Their pups shouldn't be taken away. This goes for black human beings as well.

So I take all this outrage of Micheal Vick's treatment of dogs coming from Byrd for what it's worth. Byrd stood up for the barbaric racist who lynched so many black human beings. Micheal Vick should be punish for his crimes against animals. Byrd should also be punish for his crimes against humans. Now he is all morally outraged about the treatment of dogs. Well, maybe he is just outraged about the white dogs.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Democrats In Charge, A Mixed Bag

With congress's job approval poll number so low, and the Democrats now in power with only 8 months holding the majority. It's just common sense to ask what has the Democratic Congress accomplished? Well, after 6 years of the Bush White House having free reign, with no one to answer to while the Republicans were in charge. We are finally seeing some oversight. Now there's some light being shed on some shady dealings of the Bush administration.

Passing the 9/11 commission recommendations. Passing the first minimum wage raise in 10 years. Passing legislation for stem cell research. Revamping pell grants so low income students can compete. Getting the interest rates for student loans lowered in half. So that students won't be saddled with high interest loans long after completing college. Earmark reform, which requires house members to publicly acknowledge specials projects they are seeking. Pay-as-you-go budgeting, which requires spending increases to be offset with revenue enhancements or budget cuts. Clean air act which repeals tax cuts for big oil companies and, to create a pool fund for renewable energy initiatives. Permit medicare to negotiate with drug companies to potentially lower prices to program participants. Ethics and lobbying reform. These are some of the bills the Democrats in the house have to passed. Of course President vetoed stem cell research.

And there are things the Democrats have not done. The have not gotten a timeline for getting the troops out of Iraq. They have not reeled the President on domestic wiretapping. They can't seem to get truth on firings of the 8 U.S. attorneys. Congress can't seem to get together on immigration. And they won't impeach Bush.

The public is down on the Democratic Congress. Maybe congress had better start paying closer attention to their true employers. The citizens of the United States. But maybe the public should be more accommodating also. After all the Democrats don't have a veto proof majority, and hardly any help from the Republicans in Congress. The Democrats must stop beimg afraid to stand up to Bush. If they would call Bush's bluff, and take him on they would see he's not such tough guy. After all he walked away from the chance he had to fight, he skipped Viet Nam.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Self Appointed Chosen

The Christians and the Jews. The self appointed chosen children of God. They say that God is on their side. They say God chose them to carry out his will on earth. This is the justification the Christian used almost 60 years ago to violently seize a parcel of land in the Middle East, displacing millions of people who already lived there. The Christians awarded that land to the Jews. The Jews say the land is their promised homeland. They say their God put aside this special piece of land for them. The problem with that explanation is this: Why on all the earth would God choose the middle of Arabia, filled with dark skinned people, as the home land for European and Russian Jews? Why not Russia? The answer: The land was bestowed to the Jews by the United Nations, and not by God.

Over 500 years ago the Christians used the same reasoning to seize a very large parcel of land between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. By any means necessary, the genocide of millions of natives in a bloodthirsty orgy of extinction on a massive scale. The victims of this version of the Christians carrying out this version will of their God were the American Indians. Manifest Destiny, the territorial seizing of Native American land, because the land is obvious (Manifest) and certain (Destiny) to the white Anglo Saxon by their God.

Once the conquerors laid eyes on this plush resource rich land: The Native Americans didn't stand a chance. Not because it was willed by God. Just plain and simple human greed. The murdering conquerors had to have the land. The only will they were putting in place was the will of the invaders. Not to better the lives of the native people, or to teach them the true ways of God , but to murder, rape, rob, and most of all brainwash the people into submission. Those who resisted were labeled savages. And very rapidly put in their place.

In the 18th , 19th, and 20th century. The Christians carried on to fulfill their God's will as the destined chosen ones, they did it in Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, oh... to many places to name. Lets just say, the entire world. They did their God's will always in the most perverse violent ways. The chosen felt nothing for the people who originally occupied these lands. Because their God sent his Christians to civilize, and assimilate all the Black and Brown People of the earth. The Christians had their God given right to take the native peoples land and do with it as they wanted. After all, white Christians were destined to save and rule over the earth.

Today the Christians carry on. They supply the Jews with all the high tech weapons that the Jews need to destroy the Palestinian people. In God's name of course. They praise the Jews as they treat the Palestinians as second class citizens. The Christians cheer the Jews on when they bulldoze the homes of the Palestinians. Leaving untold numbers of them homeless, desperate, and living in the streets. The Christians say it's good when the Jews imprison thousands of Palestinians men leaving mothers to care for countless children alone. The Christians watch and say nothing as the Jews bomb Lebanon to dust, a country which is modern, and leaning pro western when it was bombed, maybe no more. Yes the Christians and Jews say believe they are doing all this the name of their God.

Ask yourselves this question, why is there no mentioned of the Americas in the Bible? If the "New World" is the land God granted fair skinned Christian to rule over the Earth from, I am thinking, then surly God would mentioned this land and it's original people in his written word? It's a simple answer, the Americas are not mentioned in the Bible because God didn't write the Bible. Humans wrote it, and the Americas was not included in it, because the humans who wrote the Bible did not know America existed at the time they wrote the Bible. The Bible was written before Columbus sailed, got lost, and stumbled upon the American shores.

I am a true believer, I know God is. My belief in God's existence is total. The only explanation for the universe, and most of all, all the life that lives in the universe Is God. There is a Creator, there is a God. Either we humans were created through evolution, or molded from dust with Gods' bare hands. The method does not matter. The universe and all nature's magic was made by God. I can't, however, believe in their version of God. The God they tell me to believe in is a God who sees me, and all dark people as less than our light Europeans counterparts. I am much to proud and conceited to ever think that.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hillary, And Some Blacks Blind Support

I can't understand this misplaced blind loyalty a lot of black people have for the Clintons. What did Bill Clinton do as President to help blacks? If blacks who are supporting Hillary (and this includes some Hillary boot lickers in the congressional black caucus) would take off the rose colored glasses, stop romamcticizing about how great the Clintons are, and take a good honest look at the Clinton Presidency's history toward blacks. Then the blacks who are blindly supporting Hillary would see what the Clintons really did to help.

Here are a few ways the Clintons helped blacks. While running in 1992, candidate Bill Clinton left the campaign trail to personally sign the death warrant, and oversee the execution of Ricky Ray Rector, a young black man in Arkansas. Rector was sentenced to death for killing a police officer in 1981. Rector shot himself in the head after killing the officer, and became retarded with an IQ of around 70. Before being put to death Rector asked if he could save his dessert until after his execution.

And then there's Haiti. Candidate Clinton promised political refuge for Haitians fleeing their poor country. This was a promise President Clinton had no intentions of keeping. The day after taking office he revoked that campaign promise. President Clinton said the reason for breaking his promise was that there were to many new blacks coming into the U.S. from Haiti.

Bill Clinton also helped blacks with the 1994 crime bill. Which took money from education to build hundreds of new prisons. Clinton helped with the three strikes law. Now there are many people across this country severing life for stealing candy bars. This statement is not to imply blacks commit more crimes than other groups, but to say that blacks more likely to be convicted of crimes. And please, let's not forget the differences in the sentencing penalties of power verses crack cocaine. Power cocaine users, mostly whites, get sentenced to rehab. Crack cocaine, precieved to be possessed mostly by blacks, get sentenced up to life in prison. A stroke of a pen by Bill Clinton could have changed that stupid difference in sentencing.

And of course there's Rwanda. This is the saddest of all help Clinton gave blacks here and in Africa. Over 800,000 slaughtered in a few months in 1994. While the "first black President" watched, and did nothing to stop the bloodbath. Of course he was up for re-election in '96, and I am sure he did not want to anything that might hurt his chances (say,.. like maybe stop the mass killings of black people) He did later send troops to Yugoslavia (which was the right thing to do).

And now Hillary Clinton is being very helpful by calling the only black man whose ever had a decent chance of being elected President "naive and irresponsible". I am sure Hillary only said these things out of concern for the safety and security of the country. It's only a coincidence that this particular black man is the biggest threat to her becoming the party's nominee for President in '08. She's not just playing into some of the country prejudices, and stereotypes that black people are "naive and irresponsible".
This is just a sample of what the Clintons did to help black people. Not only in America but around the world.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Clintons, An American Tragedy

President Hillary Clinton, that leaves almost as bad of a taste in my mouth as President George W. Bush. Democrats it's time to move on. Give someone else a chance. Democrats aren't you as sick of the Clintons as I am? Don't you remember Clinton fatigue? Don't you remember how the Clinton used the White house as their very own personal ATM machine?

Hillary thinks it's her birth right to be President. She does not care about the country. Nor does her Husband. They will do anything for power, that's why Hillary voted for the war. She didn't give second thought to the lives that would be lost, even if the war had gone well for the U.S. military. She didn't read the prewar report. She didn't have the long term vision to plan for a bad outcome. She like Bush assumed the U.S. would have an easy victory. And now she doesn't have the character to admit she was wrong.

Democrats, why do you want her? I am especially talking to black Democrats. She is going to stab you in the back. Just like her man did. If you black people want Hillary simply because she is Bill's wife, you are as dumb as she seems to think you are. She will tell everything you want to hear, but if she is elected see how many of your black asses are invited to sleep in Lincoln's bed. Or taken for a ride on Air Force One.

I call this entry a American Tragedy, because it's tragic that black people are so easily fooled, and by not so smart people. After all she was not smart enough, or strong enough to vote against the most tragic foreign policy failure in half century. The invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Karl Rove to Resign

After helping to destroy John McCain's image in South Carolina. Stealing the electoral votes in Florida. Outing a C.I.A. agent. Taking the U.S. military to war in Iraq. Giving the country a phony culture war. Dividing the country by labeling dissenters as anti American. Gaining power by instilling fear in the American people.Swift boating and trying to tarnish a true war hero's record. Thrashing the rule of law. Helping the Republicans lose the Congressional majority in '06. From Katrina to the firings of the 8 U.S. Attorneys, and many others failures. Karl Rove decides he has helped the Republicans enough, and calls it quits. Rove has served his country well. Now he can go back to Texas and draw a huge government pension. A pension paid by us, the taxpayers.

He says, according to the Washington Post, he wants to relax and spend more time with his family, his son who's in college there. And of course he will write a book, and make millions in speaking fees. I say surly all the widowed families of the Americans and Iraqis killed in this war would love to do the same. Relax and spend time with their deceased loved ones. Did I say he served his country well? I should have said he served his "God" well. George W. Bush. From the files of the Master himself, Keith Olbermann. Karl Rove, the worst person in the world.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Barack Black Enough

I don't know where the question of Barack being black enough originated from. Though, I suspect it came out of a Hillary Clinton campaign power point meeting, then was passed on to the media to create controversy among black voters. So I ask, what does that question mean? To look at Barack, it's obvious he's a black man. So the people who first ask of Baracks' blackness must be saying he does not fit into their view of how a black man is suppose to be. They want us to think if a black man is well educated, refined, works hard, and marries before he fathers children, and is a good husband and father he's not black enough. In my opinion, that is really sending out the wrong message to young black boys and girls. That it's bad to be black and achieve. That true blacks are only the under classed and downscaled.

Barack is Harvard educated intellectual, he could have went to work anywhere, yet he started his career on the south side of Chicago as community organizer for black churches. He was a civil rights attorney. He has worked very hard to help ex-felons get reincorporated in the community. And as we know most ex-felons are black and brown. He could have married any blond, yet he married his equal, the Harvard educated ebony Michelle. They could have lived in any affluent neighborhood, yet he and Michelle chose to raise their children in Chicago's south side. So what's the criteria of a persons' blackness? If Barack had not received a Ivy League education, would this make him black enough? Does the idea that he prefers arugula lettuce over iceberg have a bearing on his black credentials? Or in the case of my daughter who was recently told because she had never watched the 70's black television sitcom "Good Times" she was not black.

I hope that black Americans see this phony controversy for what it is. A load of crap. I especially hope that the black youth take heed of this. Everyone who is born in this country with black African heritage is "black enough". Whether a successful well educated senator running for President, or a high school dropout down on his luck. If one's roots began in Africa, then one's being black enough is not in question. Complexions don't matter. Bloodlines do. So who sets the rules for one being black enough in America? The answer to this question is: the heritage the of at least one of two people who conceived the offspring in question. Yes, Barack is black, inside and out.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Media

Well they are at it again. The thought pushers of the media. Telling us who won the AFL-CIO debate. Of course their winner is Hillary. Even though she sidestep almost every question. They seem to think she won with one phrase: "I'm your girl." The media went wild over that superficial phrase. The thing is, the media hardly mentioned her being booed on her saying Presidential candidates should not share their true thoughts with the America people. No mention at all of the fact that she seemed to signal Sen. Dodd with a wink to attack Sen .Obama. In my opinion all the Democratic candidates held their own in all the debates so far. Barack is my man, but of course I am going to support who ever our Democratic Nominee in '08 is. And if it's Hillary, I will grit my teeth and vote for her (maybe).

Now that the media has finally did it's primary job, and investigated Hillary statements saying that nuclear weapons were off the table, and that America should unilaterally go into countries to hunt for terrorists. The right wingers pundits, and the media in general have been quiet about her making those statements. By the way, why have former Presidents G.H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton gotten so close? Hum... stay tuned.

Monday, August 6, 2007


As my profile states I am a avid watcher of political talk shows. So I want to share a few things that I think you will find interesting that I have picked up on from one of these shows.On August 3rds Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough's early morning gab fest (and the same show where the host once said Fred Thomson's wife could work the poles at strip clubs). One of the call in guest was none other than Pat Buchanan. Good ole boys Joe and Pat were yuckin' it up about Barack Obama saying at the CNN youtube debate that as President he would meet with so-called rogue world leaders, and Sen. Obama's saying in an earlier speech that he would hunt down terrorists in Pakistan. And that he, Sen. Obama, would not use nuclear weapons in Pakistan because civilians would also be killed, and that nuclear weapons were off the table.
The two good ole boys really went at it, saying Sen. Obama was a rookie, making rookies' mistakes. Yea right, big mistake to try talking instead of shooting, or to hunt down terrorists, or not drop nuclear weapons that will not only kill thousands of innocent men, women and children, but also have negative repercussions on the entire world for generations to come. Can you imagine the radio active fallout if such weapons are ever used again? Or the damage that will be done to America's reputation? We think we are disliked around the world now.
Anyway, the good ole boys of Morning Joe said Sen. Obama was weak for saying he would talk to so-called rogue world leaders, and that Sen. Obama was being to tough for wanting to hunt down terrorist.
Fact is, nothing Sen. Obama says would be the right thing to these boys. If Sen. Obama had every view point the same as Hillary, Sacrbourgh and Buchanan would say Barack is wrong, and Hillary is right.
Good ole boy Joe said Sen. Obama had no idea that he was throwing away Florida in the general election when Sen. Obama said, when asked, that he would meet with Castro and, that Sen. Obama had not calculated his answer enough. Well, Joe has it ever crossed your small mind that Sen. Obama was just being honest, and not being calculated. After all, there are other people that live in Florida besides the Cubans who hate Castro. Maybe, Sen. Obama sees, as I do, that the U.S. embargo against Cuba is only hurting the Cubans that actually live in Cuba. Besides, the Clintons threw away the Cuban vote in Florida when Bill Clinton returned Elian Gonzales to his father, who lives in Cuba. The Florida Cubans are furious with the Clintons for that.
In fact, at different points in time, Hillary has made the same statements as Barack pertaining to Pakistan and, nuclear weapons, and she also said the U.S President should meet with so-called rogue world leaders. She was for these things before she she was against them.
When Joe Scarborough was in congress he voted against President Clinton on almost everything. He voted to impeach the President. He voted against intervening in the Balkans. Yet Scarboroubgh says Sen. Obama is naive and inexperienced. How smart and experience were those votes?
During the lead up to the Iraq War, and in the beginning when the war seemed an easy victory for the U.S.; Scarborough used every chance he got to lead the battle charge (from the safety of his chair) for bombing Iraq back to the Stone Age. Now that there's a possibility that his sons might have to fight in the war Scarborough wanted so badly, he's now become so anti war.
Pat Buchanan worked for Richard Nixon, the only President in history who had to resign rather than face impeachment for crimes he committed while holding the highest political office in the world, and while holding that office made derogatory remarks about blacks and Jews according to recently released white house tapes, as reported by Newsweek. The same Pat Buchanan who very recently told Bill O'Reilly on O'Reilly's show, that the whites in South Africa were suffering because apartheid was outlawed there. It seems Pat Buchanan thinks it was better in South Africa when blacks there lived in conditions that were as bad as slavery was in the United States. Yet Buchanan calls Sen. Obama naive, incompetent, irresponsible, and inexperienced. Give me a break! How wise, responsible, competent or experienced was that stupid statement?
Yes, like Pat And Joe most pundits want Hillary Clinton as the democratic nominee, and there is a very long list of right wing gas bags cheering Hillary on. But are we going to let the right pick our nominee? I say Hell No! I don't care who the right picks as their loser. But ask yourself this, do you really want to relive the Clinton era? And all the baggage that went with it? Since 1992, it's been constant Clinton. Don't you think its time for someone new?
Yes, the right will use the name Clinton to make millions. The same righties who are praising Hillary now will be vilifying her in books, television, radio, newspaper and anywhere else they can make a buck off hating her. The right wingers are sheep now, but the day after Hillary's elected President they will once again become wolves.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


I am new to the Blogger sphere, and I might add not such a good typist. But I am also a politically active person with progressive ideas. I am a very liberal. So I started my own blog to share my beliefs and ideas on the '08 election, and on politics in general. I have to say right off, my preferred Presidential candidate is "that skinny kid with the funny name". Of course, I am talking about Barack Obama. But any of the democratic candidates will be better than another republican. A republican in the White House in '08 will mean more of the same. More Iraq, more corruption, more unqualified cronies, more right wing judges, and so on.
So with all this in mind I have to ask myself', why are most right wing pundits rooting for Hillary to be the Democrats' nominee? Let me say straight up front that I think Hillary is okay. I am just ready for freshness in D.C, however I do believe the reason most right wing talking heads want Hillary is for their wallets. They, as do most of our Country, realize that the democratic nominee will more than likely be our next President. So if the nominee is Hillary, the right will once more have a Clinton in the White House to bash day after day. The pundits will have their right wing flock to preach to, thus they will have the audience that thrives on the hate they will be putting out about her. The idea of Barack Obama, John Edwards, or any other democrat getting the nomination scares the greenbacks out of the right. Most of the right wing talkers have made a job out of demonizing the Clintons. The chattering right created so many Clniton controversies, and wrote so many books, got so many television appearances, and made so much money off of their Clinton hating sermons.
Please don't be fooled by the right wing pundits, they care very little about Americans. What these right wing talking heads worship is the mighty dollar, and Hillary will have them talking all the way to the bank. Joe Scarborough is now the Clinitons biggest fan, yet he spent his entire 6 years in congress telling Americans that the Clintons were the Devils on earth. This goes double for Pat Buchanan. Now he is on MSNBC everyday practically pulling the lever in the voting booth for Hillary. Tucker Carlson, who once said he eat his shoe if Hillary's book sold well, is now campaigning for her on his show.
At first I thought it was because Barack Obama is black that they talked him down so, but after hearing them talk the same way about John Edwards. I knew there was something else going on. I believe that it was because both these men, Obama and Edwards, threaten their high paying, Clinton bashing jobs. So America beware of right wing wolves who talk with sheep words. There are enough Clinton Haters out there to keep the right wing pundits dressed in the finest sheep wools.