Sunday, August 31, 2008

They Say It, So It's Wrong

Wow! What a great speech Barack gave accepting our party's nomination for President. The media naysayers said it would be difficult for him to meet the expectations they set for him, gees, do they feel stupid. Home run, triple play. He met his expectations, and ours the people, as he always has, and I think always will. Barack benefited from the nonsense pimps in the media over analyzing his convention and his acceptance speech.

The thing that confuses some of us is why do certain media people keep setting themselves up to appear to be so dumb. Dumb and stupid. Every since Barack announced his run for the Presidency, the word pimps have gotten everything about him, and us wrong. They said he could never raise the money to compete, yet he raised more money than any Presidential candidate in history. And used the people donations very wisely. They said he was not black enough for blacks to vote for him. He has 98% black support. They said was to black for whites to vote for him. He has more whites voting for him than any previous democratic nominee. They said he couldn't stand up to the Clinton name recognition, fundraising, and organization power. He not stood up to the Clintons, he surpassed them. They said his convention would be commandeered by Bill and Hill, well he showed on Thursday night that he was in total charge. They said it couldn't be done. That Barack would never be our nominee, he did it. HAHA! They say it, so it's wrong.

They have never gotten anything right about him, because they can't get past their own preconceptions about how things are supposed to be in this country. They want to shape what people are thinking. So much so, that they can't see the forest for the trees. The feel they should be able to tell us what to think, and who to vote for, and to believe in. When will they learn, they can't shape opinion as to the phenomenon that is Barack Hussein Obama. As we blacks have come to expect from the establishment, low expectations. Keep underestimating us, keep underestimating President Barrack Obama.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Uterus Don't Make Dumb

So he picked a woman. The republican presidential nominee must have a pretty low opinion of women. The man thinks women are so dumb that we will fall for this sorry political stunt he pulled by choosing Alaska's Governor Sarah Paltin as his President in waiting. Obvious to everyone he's making a play for Hillary's disappointed women supporters. That's fair, but come on Sen. McCain, Gov Paltin. The woman is a total opposite of Hillary, everything she believes in, and everything she's been fighting to gain, for the past three decades. Every issue.

Gov. Paltin is a gun toting, strong anti-abortion, no equal pay for women, down with universal health care, creationast, who supported Pat Buchanan for President in 2000 election. Pat Buchanan, her support of him alone is enough to scare me far away from this republican odd duo of Patlin and McCain, even before I knew one thing about her political track record. Of course I'm one of the many women who never supported Hillary from the start. Every since Barack enter the race last Febuary It's been all Barack, all the time, all the way for me. Before Barack, Edwards was the candidate that I supported.

The millions of women who did support Sen. Clinton should be very offended by Sen. McCain very obvious weak attempt to sway them to cross over and vote for him and his running mate. McCain thinks these women are so angry and turned off by Hillary losing the nomination, that they will support any woman he throws at them. No matter the woman's political beliefs. I know the women who supported Hillary so passionately are too intelligent to fall for such a simple con job. My one year old niece could came up with a better more thoughtful plan than this tired scam McCain is trying to snow us with.

This has nothing to do with this Governor's qualifications. I don't know if she is qualified or not. The country will learn her competence in due time. My beef here is that John McCain thinks women are so naive and emotional that we would be duped at his whim. That once he added a woman as his running mate, the sisterhood of the uterus will lead us to blindly vote in kind. Forget the issues or qualifications, Wow she's a woman, mark the box for her, she's one of us gang. What ego, and what nerve of McCain.

John McCain chose Paltin out of pure short sighted, tunnel vision, and blind ambition. The Presidency of the United States, by any means necessary that he can get away with. Thing is, he can't get away with this. Besides that woman who called Obama "an inadequate black man", he's not playing anyone. And believe me when I tell you, if McCain doesn't have that woman on his side by now, he's in big trouble.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Keith Olbermann=Pure Genius

Careful thinker, master of the game, pure genius. What else to say to describe Keith Olbermann. The man is a national treasure. He holds nothing back, he simply tells it like it is. He truly holds truth to power. Keith is the reason to own a t. v. set (I stole that one from him). I am just awed by the man. His show, Countdown on MSNBC is the best thing to happen to that network, or to cable news. He is by far, is the reason for the sharp rise in the network's rating.

In a medium dominated by right wing jaw jackers, Keith is most certainly a cool breeze on a hot muggy day. Yes, he is to the left of left, and proud of it (so am I). That's a good thing. He came on the scene right on time. He is what a person like myself has needed for a very long time. He offers liberals something they have not had for long while in public conversation. A Spine. He speaks his mind, he calls the power brokers out on their wrongs. Whether the highest powered government officials, such as President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Or self absorbed opinionated blow hearts, such as Fox News's Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity.

His special comments are the bomb. His worst persons are targeted just right. I particularly liked his special comment on Hillary Clinton invoking Bobby Kennedy's assassination in June 1968 to justify her continuing her campaign for the Dem nomination. Classic Keith at his best. Very well informed, very precise in his delivery, and clearly upset at what Clintion had said. He didn't hold back his indignation on her stupidity. "Because a senator - a politician - a person - who can let hang in mid-air the prospect that she might just be sticking around in part, just in case the other guy gets shot - has no business being, and no capacity to be, the President of the United States." Darkly brilliant coldlboolded truth.

I loved it when he called out his favorite punching bag, Bill O'Reilly. On O'Reilly the phone sex hassling of Andrea Mackris, and the nasty things Billo said to that young woman over the phone lines. The millions paid out for her not taking O'Reilly to court. Especially after Billo was so rough on Bill Clinton for his taking advantage of star struck Monica., Keith gave the orally jerk exactly what he deserved. Utter contempt, for the harassment, and for the hypocrisy.

Keith calls out liberals for screw ups as well. When Barack Obama voted yes on the FISA bill, Keith didn't spare any of his famous venom in the tongue lashing he gave Obama for the vote. When John Edwards put his own self interest above that of the democratic party, and continued his bid to become the democratic nominee for Presiden, knowing full well that if he won the nomination, and when his adulterous love affair got exposed it would almost certain mean the democrats would lose the presidency. On this Keith showed Edwards no mercy.

Yes, Keith is very much a partisan, he is also honest in his beliefs. He doesn't suck up to his side, or unfairly conger up bad things to make the other side appear worse than it is. I guess my only problem with "the master" is that he some time use words that I'm hearing for the first time from him. I get irked because this sends me to the dictionary. Small inconvenience for such wisdom.

Bravo to MSNBC for having the courage to bring people of similar views this independent gem. To the bosses at the network, please do whatever it takes to keep him the air. He is just man we need. In that he is man.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

They All Deserve The Holiday

I'm probably going to get myself into trouble with this one, but here goes. Why is the national holiday representing the struggle for the civil rights devoted entirely to one man, Martin L. King Jr. The Revolution of the Movement was much more than Dr. King. There are millions of others who deserve recognition for what they did for civil rights, and for what was done to them because of civil rights, for all they endured to ensure that minorities enjoy the same treatment and freedom whites have always had in this country. People who put the actual lives on the line to make sure that the lives of minorities hold the same worth as the lives of the majority.

There should be a national holiday that celebrates the entirety of the peoples struggle. The day Feb. 15, should be celebrated as Dr. King's birthday. His family, friends, and anybody else who sees fit to honor him on the day of his birth should do so. The movement however, started decades before Dr. King was the public face it presented. Many many years before Dr King's powerful voice rang out against the inhuman injustices natives and others minorities suffered at the hands of majority. Millions, tens of millions gave their all to the struggle. They are part of the dream too. Dr. King got into the movement in 1955, when Rosa Parks didn't get up. He played a fantastic role, his voice spoke to the wrongs of all the generations of people that suffered under white supremacy. But, I think even if Dr King hadn't came on the scene, the peoples Movement would have prevailed.

As we now know Dr King was a great, and flawed man. He had one night stands, used foul language, made crude jokes about others blacks, smoked and drank. He lived pretty much as most people do, he enjoyed life. He was like many of the men who supposedly founded this country. Men who wrote all glossy words of freedom and equality, yet lived live completely opposite of the words they put to paper. Like the Preachers today who tell us to house the homelees, fed the hungry, give medical help to the sick, and above all don't commit sins of the flesh. Preachers who live as lavishly as Saddam Hussein lived his life, and have the morals of alley cats. These men of the cloth have sexual affairs with women and men.

All the humans beings who help along the way with Civil Rights deserve the same lifestyle Dr. Kings children enjoy. Yet today Dr Kings family and cohorts are the only people benefiting financially from the people's struggle. His family now sells his most famous speeches to push stuff in t.v. advertising. His children have grown up very privileged. It seems his children are willing to share his words, and his dream only to profit themselves. Without the Movement the country wouldn't have known Dr. King existed.

Before the Civil Rights Bill was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson, blacks in the United States lived under Communist rule, minus the socialism. Everything you have heard about the brutality Communism casually bestowed upon it's citizens, is paralleled in the treatment of black by all whites, not just the government in our country. For the 100 years following the end of Civil War in 1865, to the passage of Civil Rights Bill in 1964 the government sold millions of blacks (mostly men and boys, some women and girls) to forced labor camps owned and operated by corporate America. Some of these workers were literally worked to death. Certain people got tired of this America, and said no. Blacks, whites, and all others who said no all have a legacy. They all deserve the Holiday.