Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Clintons Still In Our Faces, Why Barack Why?

I just want the Clintons to go away. Lord knows, I was elated when Barack Obama entered the race for POTUS. Not only would the country get a dynamic, charismatic very capable leader, and a very stylish beautiful smart first lady in Michelle, and their adorable girls as first children. But the main thing for me was that he was the one democratic candidate that could beat Hilliary for the nomination. And indeed he did. Now President-elect Obama is going to appoint Hillary as his Secretary of State. Just when I thought the Clintons were finally put away, only to come out in the open when Bill did something stupid to get himself noticed, he craves any kind of attention.

This is a slap in the faces of all us true believers who worked so hard to get Barack elected our 44th President. Really we, or maybe I should speak for myself, I did the grunt work for his campaign. I knocked on the doors, made the phone calls, hosted events, attended the strategy meetings, and took the did it all without getting paid one thin dime. In fact all at my expense. I was insulted on the phone, had doors slammed in my face, and called names. All by the very same people Hillary worked so hard to woo out to vote for her during the summer.

Please don't get me wrong, I was more than happy to do everything I could to get Barack elected. But I didn't do it all to get Hillary the plum job of Secretary Of State. She deserves nothing, let her work for John McCain. After all, she worked so hard for him during the primaries. "Senator McCain will bring a lifetime of experience," "Sen. Obama will bring a speech". This is just one of the many nice things Hillary said in the postive of Sen. McCain, and not so nice things in the negative of POTUS-elect Obama, while chasing the dragon in quest of her insatiable need to be POTUS. Heck, she even loosely said she was hanging in the primary race when there was no chance for her to win the nomination, in case then Sen. Obama got taken out by some looney she helped race bait.

For the life of me I can't understand Barack's decision to bring the Clintons into forefront of his administration, or back into our, the American people, lives. I thought with Barrack winning the nomination and Presidency that we would finally be rid of the never ending dramaedy a.k.a the Bill and Hill road show. God knows we deserve to be free of the stupid Clinton comedy tour, oh so sad, so so sad for us.

Why would he even want this woman anywhere near him, his family, his White House, or his adminstration. This totally baffles me. And indeed, just because he seems to to want her as Secretary Of State, doesn't mean we, his loyal supporters should have to suffer for at least the next four years. We deserve his loyalty more than any promises he made to the Clintons. Four more long years of red-faced Bill wagging his crooked finger at the t.v. cameras, biting his thin dried out, cracked up bottom lip, ...yuck. God help us. They'll never be in the background.

Being a black American I am personally offended by Barack's picking Hillary for this position. My memory is apparently much longer than his. "Americans, hard working Americans, White Americans" don't vote for this negro, is the message she intended to send to her white supporters. Bill Clinton was a little more sneaky in his dealing out the race card, "Jesse Jackson won here twice", Bill said of the South Carolina primary. The message, the only reason Barack could win South Carolina would be because blacks make up the majority of the democratic base in the state. I'm not saying the Clintons are racist, I don't think they are. But I also know they have no problem playing one race against another race to get their way. They have no problem using whatever they deem it might take. No matter the hurt.

Why Barack, WHY? Why are you doing this to us? Why make the Clintons more important than they deserve to be? I mean Barack is the President-elect, yet all the news media has been talking about for the past couples of weeks is the Clintons, and their warped way of getting themselves back in the headlines. Why Barack Why?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Blacks And Gay Marriage, Some Nerve

First of all I want to say I'm not gay, nor bisexual. And I am a black woman.

The voters of California took away the rights of the state's gay citizens to legally marry. It was a some what close vote 52.4% to 47.6%. So now the law abiding gay citizens of the progressive state of California can still legally have civil union dates. Send out civil union invitations, go on their civil union honeymoons. Here's to the happy couples, may they have many memory filled years together in their civil unions.

What I want to write about here is the breakdown of the votes, as to how certain ethnic groups voted. A mind boggling 70% of blacks voted in favor of the ban against gay marriage. The most put out reason the yea voters gave to explain this stupid vote is the Bible teachings. The moral teachings that tell us same sex people should not lay together.

Can you believe it, black women and men who have 70% of their children out of marriage. Black women who often have three, four or more children before they are twenty four years old, all without being married. And get this, most of the time the children are fathered by different men. Black men who seem to have one purpose as far fatherhood goes, to spread as many children around, by as many different women as possible. Of course their main purpose is to have sex with as many different women as they possibly can in their lifetimes, no matter the consequences. These men often leave the children they father completely the responsibility of the poor mothers, and us taxpayers. Some black men I know have kids they never met. Yet these are the people that voted to stop marriage.

Under the circumstances I described above its seems such people would be happy for any marriages, same sex or not. The black women and men I'm referring to here have some nerve forcing their so called morals on the basic human rights of people who want to marry. People who want to live in a partnerships and share to responsibility on maintaining their relationships. After all why does gays getting married matter to any of the people that voted to outlaw it.

As for the down with marriage voting blacks that say they voted for the ban on the basic of Bible teachings. Man, should they read farther into the pages of the Bible. If they did, I am most certain that they would come across the teachings against fornication (sex between single women and men), adultery, and the responsibilities of mothers and fathers to the children they create. And please don't even go there on Bible teachings as to how we should treat each other as humans beings. The Bible teaches that we should not kill, steal, bare false witness, covet against our neighbors. The Bible also tells us to feed the hungry, comfort and tend the sick, house the homeless, treat others with the respect all humans deserve, and most of all, to be our brothers and sister keepers. You know the Bible even tells us eating catfish is the same as homosexuallity.
On the other hand I can see why people living their lives in such sin and misery would vote to stop to others minorities from living the whole complete lives that happy, healthy marriages offer. The stability, the love, the respect, and having someone there for the good and bad times.

Of course the thoughts I've expressed here in no way apply to all black women and men, but I'm very sure my words here are true to many of the blacks who voted in favor of the dumb law. These are the people who will go home to low rent apartments, where several fatherless live, to women or men they are not marred to, and have sex. Like the old saying goes "if I can't have it, no one can".

Sunday, October 26, 2008

White Southerns, The Welfare State, Race, And Voting Republican

The South, what can I say here about my region of the United States? I love my home. The Southern state of Alabama. I can't say the same for the majority of it's occupants. The White Southerns with superiority complexes, and their almost self destructive voting patterns. They vote Republican, yet they need Democrats (In the '04 election white men here in Alabama voted for Bush man for man). I say this because they need the many social programs that the Democrats have enacted over the years. Programs that Republicans fought the Democrats on tooth and nail. Programs that they would be downright pitiful without.

All the whites I know, and I know quite a few, get some help from the Federal Government. A majority of them get the whole nine yards. Food stamps, medicaid, public housing, help with heating bills, free or reduced school meals for their children, and those first of the month and welfare checks. A lot of white southern Republican voters would be homeless, and starving if it weren't for Democrats. Their children would hardly ever see a real doctor.

Yet, if you ask why they vote Republican, the answers most often given are: the Democrats want to give everything away. Sometime they say: Democrats want gay to marry, (some have gay relatives and friends, but conclude this a safe answer, since a lot of black people are also bigoted toward gay Americans). Some say; because of abortion. A lot of the white women I know have had abortions, most have had more than one. Since a lot of white Southerns benefit greatly from Govt safety net programs that the Democrats put in place, and the gay and abortion reasons don't whole water. It's plain and simple why they vote republican: Race. These particular white folks perceive Republicans as being more in tune with their feelings on white supremacy. The proof is this; when the racist Dixiecrats ruled the south, the entire white south was voting democratic. After Democrats put in laws that assured blacks would have the same Federal Govt protected rights as whites in the south Dixiecrats all went to the republican side of the isle in local, state and Federal Govt. And so the most whites voters

I once asked a white co-worker with all Government help she gets from Democratic programs (and she get the whole nine yards), why is she a Republican? She answered "my family has always voted Republican". I said to her that George Wallace was Democrat, and that I knew her family voted for him. She did not respond (maybe she didn't know Wallace was Democrat).

In the 1968 Alabama's Governor George C Wallace, who gained all his power in the racist south by demonizing blacks, and promising segregation forever, ran for POTUS as an Independent. He based his campaign on a racist platform, and won five southern states.

More than a "few"southern whites want and need all the benefits from Democratic social programs, but they vote Republican to feel above other races. For Democrats are seen as more tolerant towards blacks and other minorities. The Republicans set up, and used very well, the southern strategy (portraying blacks as lazy, ignorant people, who hate work, only want to live off government handouts, and most of all, that white women are in danger of be being spoiled by black men). The Republicans knew that white a lot of Southerns (and whites in general) would flock to them in droves using this sorry bogus strategy.

The 1990 census numbers show that 63% of all American welfare recipients are whites from the South, Mid South, and Southwest (link below). The very places where whites are complaining the loudest about the welfare state. The south is filled with whites that live in fantasy land. A land that only non whites benefit from the Democratic social programs. These whites need the entitlements, and want Republicans in office.

If a person were to drive the streets of one of these southern towns, most of the businesses the person would see, are check cashing payday loan places, Wal-Marts, and plenty of fast food joints. If the person were to go in one of the fast food joints, the only people the person would see behind the counters would be blacks and browns. The hardest working people in the world are blacks and browns. We do lowest paid, most labor intensive jobs. Yet according to whites Southerns they don't deserve the same Government help they, whites get. http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1077/is_n10_v50/ai_17361016/

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pinch Me, No It's Real

I have been a true believer from the start, now the American people and indeed the world know what Barack, Michelle, his family, and us loyal supporters have known all along. Yes he can. I will be honored to call him President Barack Hussein Obama.

They said it was dreaming the impossible dream, yet we accomplished the mission impossible, they said it couldn't be done, we did it. They said we didn't deserve it, and I'm here to tell you, God knows, do ever we deserve it.

We realize that our victory will be a bitter pill to take for some civic minded citizens in this country we live in, and have to learn to share. We know that very well, after all we have been swallowing that pill since the beginning of the history in the new world. We took the medicine they prescribed for us and survived it. Heck, we might have even got stronger because it was forced down our throats. Surely the the newly medicated here will be just fine as well.

Being a child of the nineteen sixties, growing in in the great red state of Alabama one's gotta have dreams. The harsh and often brutal living conditions that we were made to live under left us with little else but prayers, hope and indeed dreams. Dreams of living free in our country of birth. The country of freedoms. Those dreams of a equality of life were only fantasies bav
ck then.

My only regret now is that my parents have both passed on, and can't be here for this living history. I can just imagine my mama pulling that level for Barack, the joy on her face. That sight to me; priceless. Even during those very dangerous and dark times she had the strength and will to act on her beliefs. She did what blacks were suppose to do during the Movement, she walked to her job as domestic servant for wealthy white land owners. She work for the same family for over 10 years, the highest pay she got from them was two dollars a day. I know it sounds impossible, but all so outrageously true. She went to the church meetings. She shied away from certain businesses and other places. She withstood the pressure, from both blacks and whites. She never wavered in her courage, and dreams of equality.

In her lifetime tremendous change took place as to how blacks were treated in this country, and indeed part of the dream she longed for in her younger years was realized. She and others like her were able to live their country, and not be afraid to live freely in their country. And make no mistake I'm so so glad that my parents generation saw this all too deserved life change.

The unfortunate misfits that cause so much tearful destruction in the black community these days could learn a lot from the people who pave the streets of freedom that these jerks now splatter with their own blood. The youth today could never stand up to the things we, mostly my parents generation stood up to.

Yes I have been a true believer since he first announced. You see I had no other choice, growing up in the deep south in the pre-civil rights era left me only with the dreams to look forward, and I still believe in dreams. Living proof is here in Barack's most unlikely quest, that there's nothing wrong believing in dreams.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The New New Republicans

The republican politicians, strategist, and media pundits really have a low opinion of their supporters common sense, intellect, and ability to grasp the reality of what their eyes see, and what their ears hear. The republicans believe that their supporters are so brainwashed that they will support them no matter the reality. If republicans tell their repubbots followers to follow us, supporters fall in single file and wait for the comet.

The republican nominees for the presidency and vice presidency McCain and Palin, or Calin McPal. The couple now says they are the past to the repasted future. They say they are the original mavericks, they are going to Gallup in to D.C and change government. They are the reformers the nation has been waiting for. Yep, the new future to the old past. McCain and cohorts think their supporters are so dumb, and so big "R" republican that they will follow them to he gates of hell, and throw themselves into the lake of fire.

The republicans now say they are going to get rid of deregulations, they are going to be the regulators on companies that they (republicans) let run amok under the GOP's leadership. The new republicans are going stop the very earmarks that their congress people now request, they are going to do oversight. They are going to now look out for the good of common people. Sure the are, I'm sure they will give them a thumbs up as their supporters security gets much less secure.

The republicans and John McCain now care about sexism. Can you believe it, the republicans who have voted against every bill in congress that supported women. Equal pay, equal health care, both in research and treatment. Child care, On and on, Yet now the are the caretakers of anti sexism in our country. Fact is, every single thing that the right sees as helpful to we the people, they are against, class warfare the yell.

Every election cycle the dumb people who follow the right fall for this crap. These people get banged up, beat down and dogged out. Yet, time after time they vote republican because these candidates are like them. "you identify with me", so please make my life and my family lives more of a hardship than you did four years ago. "It's ok if my kids can't get their teeth fix, cause the republican POTUS vetoes the new chips program. They hunt and skin their kill, just like me. The republican politicians and voters that vote in office, the extreme dysfunctional family.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bull Moose In High Heels

Wow! What a speech, she's a pick, she gave it to the Obamas good. Sarah hit all the right highs. And sank in the swamp of lows. The she moose that wears lipstick.

I was somewhat wrong, I thought she was brought in simply to attract Hillary's women. No double duty, she's here for the women, minor. She's here to challenge the Americanism of the Obamas, major. Just listen at her speech, it was filled with jabs at the Obamas blood ties to her America, and hers alike, this is our country, we just let you live here, ours!

Those were some dumb but small things the Obamas said during the primary season, and of course everybody knows that they love it here in the USA, what citizens in their placement in our society wouldn't love the land assured their success.

Palin mocked the Obamas viciously with a smile on her cute face. She even went after the very hard and honorable service of community organizing. The republicans found their woman. They love her. The force. The anti-Obama(s). She's always been proud of her country. She loves religion, she would never accuse small town low income whites of being bitter, gun clinging rubes, who only have the republican party to protect them from the evil doers on the wrong side of the civil rights debate, or using their religion to make themselves feel superior over others that come from a different backgrounds than theirs'. After all these rubes are the chosen people.

When this election is over and we have a new POTUS the Obamas will be just fine, no money concerns, no health care concerns, their kids will get the best of the best education. They will be able to live in any community in this country they choose. The Palins will be just fine, her family will have all the same non worries as the Obamas. The McCains will be more than fine. But what about all the small town folks just scarping out a living, people that vote republican because they perceive republicans to fill their need to feel superior. These peoples egos will be fed. But their bellies might be empty.

Sarah gave nothing in way of polices, she spent much more time talking indirectly about Michelle than she did talking directly about her own public service record. Michelle is not the candidate. Palin spent more time trying to scare the media off investigating her public service record, than she did telling all those clingy people in rural America what she and her President are going to do to keep them away from the welfare line they say they hate. I think they scared CNN, they were chastising themselves for questioning her after her acceptance speech. Yes she'll do her thing well. She will use her womanhood as a naturing mother, who is too female for Joe Biden to put her in her place in their VP debate.

The people bowing at Queen Sarah's knees just remember, after she has ran out of insults, she's being using the same ones since she used at the convention, word for word, after hardcore conservative crowds have stop cheering, after the newborn star has stopped twinkling. And that 300ft movie screen has been sent back to imax theater. You have to ask yourselves is my family going to be better off with these people in charge still.

By the way to McCain/Palin/Giuliani speech writers community organizing is a very patriotic service. These are the people in the trenches trying to better communities like the ones you are targeting for votes. They are the ones who go out and try to get school swings replaced so your children wont fall hurt themselves or worse. They are the ones who go out and try to get new investors to invest in your community so that you maybe won't have to work at kfc, to replace the high paying job you had in factory that closed or replaced you for cheaper labor.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

They Say It, So It's Wrong

Wow! What a great speech Barack gave accepting our party's nomination for President. The media naysayers said it would be difficult for him to meet the expectations they set for him, gees, do they feel stupid. Home run, triple play. He met his expectations, and ours the people, as he always has, and I think always will. Barack benefited from the nonsense pimps in the media over analyzing his convention and his acceptance speech.

The thing that confuses some of us is why do certain media people keep setting themselves up to appear to be so dumb. Dumb and stupid. Every since Barack announced his run for the Presidency, the word pimps have gotten everything about him, and us wrong. They said he could never raise the money to compete, yet he raised more money than any Presidential candidate in history. And used the people donations very wisely. They said he was not black enough for blacks to vote for him. He has 98% black support. They said was to black for whites to vote for him. He has more whites voting for him than any previous democratic nominee. They said he couldn't stand up to the Clinton name recognition, fundraising, and organization power. He not stood up to the Clintons, he surpassed them. They said his convention would be commandeered by Bill and Hill, well he showed on Thursday night that he was in total charge. They said it couldn't be done. That Barack would never be our nominee, he did it. HAHA! They say it, so it's wrong.

They have never gotten anything right about him, because they can't get past their own preconceptions about how things are supposed to be in this country. They want to shape what people are thinking. So much so, that they can't see the forest for the trees. The feel they should be able to tell us what to think, and who to vote for, and to believe in. When will they learn, they can't shape opinion as to the phenomenon that is Barack Hussein Obama. As we blacks have come to expect from the establishment, low expectations. Keep underestimating us, keep underestimating President Barrack Obama.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Uterus Don't Make Dumb

So he picked a woman. The republican presidential nominee must have a pretty low opinion of women. The man thinks women are so dumb that we will fall for this sorry political stunt he pulled by choosing Alaska's Governor Sarah Paltin as his President in waiting. Obvious to everyone he's making a play for Hillary's disappointed women supporters. That's fair, but come on Sen. McCain, Gov Paltin. The woman is a total opposite of Hillary, everything she believes in, and everything she's been fighting to gain, for the past three decades. Every issue.

Gov. Paltin is a gun toting, strong anti-abortion, no equal pay for women, down with universal health care, creationast, who supported Pat Buchanan for President in 2000 election. Pat Buchanan, her support of him alone is enough to scare me far away from this republican odd duo of Patlin and McCain, even before I knew one thing about her political track record. Of course I'm one of the many women who never supported Hillary from the start. Every since Barack enter the race last Febuary It's been all Barack, all the time, all the way for me. Before Barack, Edwards was the candidate that I supported.

The millions of women who did support Sen. Clinton should be very offended by Sen. McCain very obvious weak attempt to sway them to cross over and vote for him and his running mate. McCain thinks these women are so angry and turned off by Hillary losing the nomination, that they will support any woman he throws at them. No matter the woman's political beliefs. I know the women who supported Hillary so passionately are too intelligent to fall for such a simple con job. My one year old niece could came up with a better more thoughtful plan than this tired scam McCain is trying to snow us with.

This has nothing to do with this Governor's qualifications. I don't know if she is qualified or not. The country will learn her competence in due time. My beef here is that John McCain thinks women are so naive and emotional that we would be duped at his whim. That once he added a woman as his running mate, the sisterhood of the uterus will lead us to blindly vote in kind. Forget the issues or qualifications, Wow she's a woman, mark the box for her, she's one of us gang. What ego, and what nerve of McCain.

John McCain chose Paltin out of pure short sighted, tunnel vision, and blind ambition. The Presidency of the United States, by any means necessary that he can get away with. Thing is, he can't get away with this. Besides that woman who called Obama "an inadequate black man", he's not playing anyone. And believe me when I tell you, if McCain doesn't have that woman on his side by now, he's in big trouble.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Keith Olbermann=Pure Genius

Careful thinker, master of the game, pure genius. What else to say to describe Keith Olbermann. The man is a national treasure. He holds nothing back, he simply tells it like it is. He truly holds truth to power. Keith is the reason to own a t. v. set (I stole that one from him). I am just awed by the man. His show, Countdown on MSNBC is the best thing to happen to that network, or to cable news. He is by far, is the reason for the sharp rise in the network's rating.

In a medium dominated by right wing jaw jackers, Keith is most certainly a cool breeze on a hot muggy day. Yes, he is to the left of left, and proud of it (so am I). That's a good thing. He came on the scene right on time. He is what a person like myself has needed for a very long time. He offers liberals something they have not had for long while in public conversation. A Spine. He speaks his mind, he calls the power brokers out on their wrongs. Whether the highest powered government officials, such as President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Or self absorbed opinionated blow hearts, such as Fox News's Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity.

His special comments are the bomb. His worst persons are targeted just right. I particularly liked his special comment on Hillary Clinton invoking Bobby Kennedy's assassination in June 1968 to justify her continuing her campaign for the Dem nomination. Classic Keith at his best. Very well informed, very precise in his delivery, and clearly upset at what Clintion had said. He didn't hold back his indignation on her stupidity. "Because a senator - a politician - a person - who can let hang in mid-air the prospect that she might just be sticking around in part, just in case the other guy gets shot - has no business being, and no capacity to be, the President of the United States." Darkly brilliant coldlboolded truth.

I loved it when he called out his favorite punching bag, Bill O'Reilly. On O'Reilly the phone sex hassling of Andrea Mackris, and the nasty things Billo said to that young woman over the phone lines. The millions paid out for her not taking O'Reilly to court. Especially after Billo was so rough on Bill Clinton for his taking advantage of star struck Monica., Keith gave the orally jerk exactly what he deserved. Utter contempt, for the harassment, and for the hypocrisy.

Keith calls out liberals for screw ups as well. When Barack Obama voted yes on the FISA bill, Keith didn't spare any of his famous venom in the tongue lashing he gave Obama for the vote. When John Edwards put his own self interest above that of the democratic party, and continued his bid to become the democratic nominee for Presiden, knowing full well that if he won the nomination, and when his adulterous love affair got exposed it would almost certain mean the democrats would lose the presidency. On this Keith showed Edwards no mercy.

Yes, Keith is very much a partisan, he is also honest in his beliefs. He doesn't suck up to his side, or unfairly conger up bad things to make the other side appear worse than it is. I guess my only problem with "the master" is that he some time use words that I'm hearing for the first time from him. I get irked because this sends me to the dictionary. Small inconvenience for such wisdom.

Bravo to MSNBC for having the courage to bring people of similar views this independent gem. To the bosses at the network, please do whatever it takes to keep him the air. He is just man we need. In that he is man.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

They All Deserve The Holiday

I'm probably going to get myself into trouble with this one, but here goes. Why is the national holiday representing the struggle for the civil rights devoted entirely to one man, Martin L. King Jr. The Revolution of the Movement was much more than Dr. King. There are millions of others who deserve recognition for what they did for civil rights, and for what was done to them because of civil rights, for all they endured to ensure that minorities enjoy the same treatment and freedom whites have always had in this country. People who put the actual lives on the line to make sure that the lives of minorities hold the same worth as the lives of the majority.

There should be a national holiday that celebrates the entirety of the peoples struggle. The day Feb. 15, should be celebrated as Dr. King's birthday. His family, friends, and anybody else who sees fit to honor him on the day of his birth should do so. The movement however, started decades before Dr. King was the public face it presented. Many many years before Dr King's powerful voice rang out against the inhuman injustices natives and others minorities suffered at the hands of majority. Millions, tens of millions gave their all to the struggle. They are part of the dream too. Dr. King got into the movement in 1955, when Rosa Parks didn't get up. He played a fantastic role, his voice spoke to the wrongs of all the generations of people that suffered under white supremacy. But, I think even if Dr King hadn't came on the scene, the peoples Movement would have prevailed.

As we now know Dr King was a great, and flawed man. He had one night stands, used foul language, made crude jokes about others blacks, smoked and drank. He lived pretty much as most people do, he enjoyed life. He was like many of the men who supposedly founded this country. Men who wrote all glossy words of freedom and equality, yet lived live completely opposite of the words they put to paper. Like the Preachers today who tell us to house the homelees, fed the hungry, give medical help to the sick, and above all don't commit sins of the flesh. Preachers who live as lavishly as Saddam Hussein lived his life, and have the morals of alley cats. These men of the cloth have sexual affairs with women and men.

All the humans beings who help along the way with Civil Rights deserve the same lifestyle Dr. Kings children enjoy. Yet today Dr Kings family and cohorts are the only people benefiting financially from the people's struggle. His family now sells his most famous speeches to push stuff in t.v. advertising. His children have grown up very privileged. It seems his children are willing to share his words, and his dream only to profit themselves. Without the Movement the country wouldn't have known Dr. King existed.

Before the Civil Rights Bill was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson, blacks in the United States lived under Communist rule, minus the socialism. Everything you have heard about the brutality Communism casually bestowed upon it's citizens, is paralleled in the treatment of black by all whites, not just the government in our country. For the 100 years following the end of Civil War in 1865, to the passage of Civil Rights Bill in 1964 the government sold millions of blacks (mostly men and boys, some women and girls) to forced labor camps owned and operated by corporate America. Some of these workers were literally worked to death. Certain people got tired of this America, and said no. Blacks, whites, and all others who said no all have a legacy. They all deserve the Holiday.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Republicans, Face Change, Same Game

They're Back! Only now they want us to believe they are different. John McCain is the republicans nominee for POTUS. He says he's a different kind of republican, McCain says he won't run a campaign based on negativity and sleaze. He says that he will run a issue based campaign. He says he won't be a Bush clone, yea right. The republicans have no issues to run on, so do the only thing they know to do to win. They spread to sleaze. Only this time around they are off their game.

In the 2004 election the media aided RoveBush in the sleaze game against John Kerry. Anyone with half a brain knew that the swift boat liars for Bush were telling bald face lies about Kerry's Vietnam service. Yet the media reported these lies as if they the gospel truth. Chris Matthews pratically made the swift boat liars his co-hosts.

John McCain himself was a victim of the sleaze game in the 2000 primary. I guess he saw how good it worked against him in South Carolina, so now in 2008 he'll used it against Obama. Only he's nowhere as good at it as the master, RoveBush. And maybe, just maybe, certain white Americans are smarter this this time around. But don't count on it. These certain whites only see and hear what their small minds let them see and hear.

During the primaries I actually gave some thought to voting for McCain, if Billasea had won our party's nomination. Thank God they didn't win. If they had I would have probably had sit the election out, knowing what I now about McCain. He has become what he up until this POTUS election year said he hated, a man who will do and say whatever it takes to win. No matter how sleazy his actions are. I wonder how low he's going to go.

As I said before if the Clintons had won the primary I would have, once anyway, voted for McCain. I would have voted republican so that McCain would have had one more vote to defeat the Clintons. Not anymore. It's the same old game, only the face has changed.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stop It! You Idiots

I write this post with a heavy heart. Being child of the civil rights movement I have take a a real critical look at the black youth today, and wonder if this is what we the people who marched for, got beaten down streets by law enforcement for, had the skin stripped from our bodies with powerful fire hoses for, had our bodies chewed up by big police dogs for, endured being treated less than zero for, and was killed for. So many were killed. We gained our rights through much brutality. We gained our rights through pure human tenacity. We knew what we up against, and we went up against all the odds, and we prevailed.

On November 25, 2006 Shawn Bell was gunned down by NYC police officers while leaving his bachelor party. Most of the so call black leaders in this country were all up in arms over Shawn's senseless murder, and rightfully so. That same day there were over 50 other young blacks murdered by other young blacks in this country. Yet, not a word of protest about these senseless murders from these same so-called leaders. Why not? My opinion is that black on black murders don't carry the same potential financial benefit for these leading men as police killings do, or blacks killed by whites in general carry. I know Sharpton and Jackson are the biggest racial ambulance chasers we have in this country.

The young thugs that roam our streets these days kill more backs in a year than than the kkk killed all during the worst years of the civil rights movement. These black terrorist killed so matter of factually, and with such ease that law abiding blacks have to wonder if these haters are trying to wipe out their own race in the country.

A majority of these baby face killers can barely read, they speak in broken sentences, and know math above at preschool level. Not because they can't learn, but because they don't want to learn anything except how to be a thug. They can and learn, they learn how to use foul language. They learn how to make crack cocaine out of powder cocaine(most could be chemist if they tried). They learn how to change money in drug transactions so fast it rivals calculators. They learn how to make babies to be raised singles mother and supported by the system. They learn how aim guns and shoot so precisely that master surgeons are perplexed. They learn how to contribute nothing meaningful to society(exceptions being the fatherless children they create). They learn how to adapt in the criminal justice system, and they learn how to die young, and violently, not bravely, but in the throes of fear. Yes they are able to learn, they only want to learn in the negative.

One would think with the high rate of black on black crime in this country that our self appointed black leaders would be much more concerned about this phenomenon than they would be about the random murders of our black youth by law enforcement. One would think the leaders would be in the community shouting from rooftops to stop the violence. After all it's not law enforcement or civilian whites destroying or communities, it's our own youth. Yet all these leaders do is make excuses for the thugs. There are no excuses.

Blacks are the third largest majority in this country. Black are the number one victims of murder in our country. Blacks are number one perpetrators of murders in our country. Blacks are 12% of population, we are 49% of murder victims. 94% of black murder victims in this is country are killed by other blacks. Pitiful statistics of blacks inhumanity to each other.

To the "leaders" in the community these are the victims that should really speak to your concern of senseless brutality. Law enforcement abuse against anyone has no place in our world, but compared to abuse we inflict on ourselves, authority abuse is a rarity.

To you self appointed community leaders you have to stop blaming everyone for your failure to lead, and try find someway to make your sorry asses useful. To the people who're mainly causing all the sorrow in the community, the black criminals who seems interested only in destroying their own race, the ones who complains the loudest when some people avoid meeting them on a lonely street, just please; Stop it, You idiots.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Supreme Court

I never thought about the high court much. I know that I benefited from many of its ruling. Being a child of the 1960s(born 1955) there was the Civil Rights Movement, and the court's rulings for the Movement that rightfully gave equal rights, justice and dignity to black Americans, like myself. These basic human rights were earned through patriotism, much blood, sweat, and many tears of millions of many people. However, civil rights did not come from the goodness and fairness of the court. These rights were forced on the Court by the of the power of the Movement.

The court has proven to be, over its many years, a place of little political courage. Most Supreme Court rulings have been to appease the majority, not equality for the minority. Of course from the time of the Court's inception many of it's Justices held the same superior views as the majority. Views that these same justices ruled into law.

Over the years, The Supreme Court, to say the least, has made many controversial rulings. And some not so good rulings. The Supreme of late have been making some rulings, to my thinking anyway, that don't jive with the makeup of a right leaning court. To my most pleasant surprise.

The recent ruling to end the executions of persons that committed capital crimes before the age of 18. This ruling commuted the sentences of hundreds of prisoners from death to life in prison. The Court's decision not execute the mentally ill, the decision to grant habeas corpus to detainees at Gitmo and, the most recent ruling not to make child rape a capital offense.

The rape of child is horrible. The pervert might spare the child's life, if he or she knows not killing the child will also spare his or her sick life. Also since most cowards that rape kids are usually related to their victims, child victims will have a heavy load on their shoulders, knowing that their testimony might mean the death penalty for the sorry rapist.

Though most of these rulings were five to four decisions, in the high court made of nine, five is the majority. As we blacks have been brow beaten with forever, MAJORITY RULES. Hopefully the next POTUS will appoint Justices with political and moral courage. Justice that are NOT in the majority.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Barack Won, Hillary Lost, The Right Can Get Over It

First of all, I want to give my very sincere thanks to Barack Obama. I want to thank him for putting together a fantastic campaign team. I want to thank him for being practical, and using his hard working supporters donations very wisely. I want to thank him for not taking the advice of the pundits who demanded he go negative on Senator Clinton. I want to thank Barack for winning the nomination his way. He took the Clintons down by keeping his standards and head high. But most of all, I want to thank Barack for saving us from Clinton 2XL for the next four to eight years.

So now the right can just get over it. The best man won, and the rights's woman lost. The right can lick their wounds and prepare to welcome Barcak as Commander And Chief. Barack is going to be POTUS. He played the game by the rules, and won it fair and square. He didn't ask for, or need the pundits advice to play the first half of the game, and he won't ask for, or need their advice to bring home the winning score.

But cheer up, all you right wingers, after November's election while the rest of us will be focusing on getting the Country's heart and soul back after sixteen years. Getting the nation back on the right track for it's citizens after eight years of Bush. Getting back our country's respect around the world. Getting out of that bloody Iraq war. Taking care of the warriors when they come home, and many other important issues to numerous to list here. You right wing pundits can keep trying, day after day, to convince your flock(no else one will pay any attention to your jaw jacking gibberish) that Barack is a lousy POTUS. After all that's what you do best, lie!

So, Pat Buchanan, Joe Scarborough, Tucker Carlson, Juan Williams, most everyone at Fox News, and all the other nay saying haters out there, you tried your best, and you failed. Now you can fix yourself a stiff drink. Take your calming pills. Put a damp cloth over your forehead, and stretch out on your couch. It's going to be a very long eight years for you.

By the way, you right wing pundits are always telling us how disappointed and angry Hillary's older white women supporters are that she lost the primary. Well, there are a few older and younger white women who have had the pleasure of Bill's company, who probably won't feel to bad that Billary won't be in their faces everyday as POTUS. Ask Kathleen, Monica, or any of the others how they feel about it.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super Delegates: Your Constituency Has Spoken

Super Delegates. Your constituency have spoken very loud, and very clear. So when you cast your Super Delegates votes for the Presidency, remember the people voices. Most of the Congress people that I'm speaking to here were sent to congress by people that overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama.

After being spun most of this election season by Billary drones via the media, telling us that more blacks were supporting Billary over Barack, that Barack wasn't black enough, that Barack could not win the Presidency because whites would not vote for a black man, that Barack was not experienced enough, that Barack was too postive, and so on. None of this spin, I think, blacks or whites bought into.

When all of that bull failed to stop the phenom in the person of Barack Obama. Billary pulled out what it believed to be it's big gun. It's 50 cailber machine gun. Racial sensitivity. South Carolina was perfect for Billary to aim it's artillery at. The state has a large black population, and most important to billary, South Carolina is a southern state. So Billary unloaded it's race baiting arsenal on that state's citizens.

Billary was so sure it could play racial roulette and win with no problem. Billary reasoned it could marginalized Barack as the candidate of black people. However the good people of S.C. saw this not so clever tactic for what it was, a shameless attempt to stir up racial tensions between blacks and whites. To divide and conquer.

The Clintons strategy failed miserably. Not only did Billary piss off and lose almost all it's of support from blacks, but Billary also drove away the very voters the were trying to draw in. The whites of that state. Billary support from S.C. whites, especially white men, dropped in half. This was a colossial error in judgement on the part of Billary's campaign.

Back to the Super Delegates, who represent all those millions in black districts that voted for Barack four to one in primaries and caucuses held so far, and the contests in the weeks and months to come. To these Super Delegates in congress, your consistency sent you Washington to speak for them. This means you have to vote for the Presidential candidate that the same people who voted you in office voted for.

The blacks chose Barack. So to all the black Congress people who are now supporting Billary, support the Clintons to your heart's content. Just carry out the people of your districts wishes, and cast those all important Super votes for the peoples choice. Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

As soon as Barack starting showing strength with black voters as the primary moved to South Carolina, Billary decided that it didn't need black voters anymore, so it sent the Bill half out to throw black votes away in hopes that race baiting would attract more white voters. Billary's plan worked on reverse, it repelled whites voters away from Billary.

A cautionary note to Super Deglates that are now supporting Billary, who knows when Billary will decide it does not need you anymore, and throw you away. Compared to Billary's pathological need for power, you are an expendable foot soldiers in Billary army. After all you can always be replaced. You will be replaced, before your dead weight is moved from the politically battlefield.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Dreamer versus Schemer

The visionary versus the Status-Que. The people always break the dreamer's heart. The dreamer talks about what can be. The schemer tells you what was. The dreamer connects vision with far reaching possibility. The schemer connects Status-Que with near sighted blind ambition. The dreamer gains power through inspiring people to join in. The schemer gains power through scaring people to go along. The dreamer gives the people to power to choose. The schemer tries to manipulate the people into believing they are given a choice.

The Dreamer invites all people of all races to stand together for the betterment of all human beings. The Schemer tells one racial group that it's a historical fact that they must be at odds with another racial group. That way the one group that benefits from this division is the schemer racial group. Divide and conquer.

The schemer lives a life of a self induced sense false tolerance, but will quickly shed this skin when the power it's thinks it's owed is threaten. The dreamer lives a life of self induced forced hope, that one's birth status does not matter, that through achievement of community involvement, power is earned. No matter what genes one's parents passed on their offspring.

The Dreamer versus the Schemer. The Visionary versus the Status-Que. The people always breaks some one's heart. Sometimes the people want to give the Visionary the benefit of the doubt. Sometime the people want to tell the Status-Que it's not going to benefit from trying to give us, the people, doubt. The people don't always break the Dreamer's heart.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Racial Division, Good For Hillary, Not Good For The Democratic Party

If Hillary is our democratic nominee, my hope and prayer is that the republican nominee win in Nov '08. I am a die heart liberal black woman democrat, living deep in heart of Dixie. I will probably never vote republican again, but I will in '08 if Hillary is our nominee. I will vote republican so that that republican nominee will have the votes needed to get the Clintons out of our lives once and for all.

The Clintons historically have been anti-democratic party, they do what they think is best for the Clintons, and be dammed the party as a whole. If they have to lose every single democratic member of congress to get Hillary elected President, so be it. They will destroy the democratic party to gain power. Wait and see.

From my first introduction to the Clintons in 1992, on 60 minutes, I did not like them. I could see they were power hungry opportunists, who do anything, and I mean anything to win. Just look at what they are now doing to Obama. They use Obama's race against him. After Iowa and NH, the Clintons saw that Barack did transcend race, this meant Obama did not push the racial buttons that divide blacks and whites in the United States. So the Clintons invented buttons to push. They used those buttons well. I don't think their plans worked. But we will see the issue again, especially in the west. There, they will use Hispanics against blacks. They will split the base of the democratic party to try to fill their insatiable need for power. It worked in Nevada. Good for the Clintons, not good for democratic party.

I started this blog mainly to express my liberal views. Being a southern black woman, I am a natural democrat. After all it's the democrats who finally saw that blacks in this country would not be denied equal rights any longer. The democrats at that time, knew the changes had to come. The democrats are also the party that truly cares about the poor. So for someone like myself to vote republican is a very big deal. But I will do so to stop the Clintons. But then again, the Clintons are in a party of their own.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

pat buchnan

pat buchanan says if Barack Obama wins the South Carolina primary it would be a "Jesse Jackson victory". He was referring to Jackson's 1988 win in the SC primary. This, is surely an attempt to try and diminish the black vote in the current Presidential race. However, buchanan must have forgotten that Jesse Jackson won 8 other states including states like Alaska, Texas,Vermont and Virgina. These states are hardly overly populated by blacks.

buchanan motives are two folded, he has this great fear that Obama will be elected President, and that simply is buchanan's worse nightmare. That race relations in the U.S. have come so far that whites will actually vote to put a black man in the White House. And that buchanan's race baiting will no longer be a factor in electing people to public office.

The other thing he fears is that since this looks like the year for Democrats, he wants the Democrat the right loves to dump on the most to win the nomination. Hillary Clinton is that Democrat. She's the right's (buchanan's right) money making machine. They has made a industry of Clinton bashing.

When Bill Clinton was President buchanan never had one good thing to say about Bill Clinton or Hillary, after all the Clintons are Democrats. Now he's Billary's biggest fan. buchanan can't say enough good things about Hillary. When she losees the nomination to Barack buchanan will more heartbroken than the Clintons. Oh what a happy day, when the race baiter out baits himself.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Robert Johnson, Smut, Drug, and Violence Pimp, Clinton Supporter

The nerve of Robert Johnson, to call Barack Obama a crackhead. Johnson, who brought black America BET TV. BET the network that has done more to demean and promote negative images of black people, than any other medium in the history of broadcasting. BET, the place where sex, drugs, and violence are celebrated as the norm in the black community.

I am well aware that Johnson has this love affair with the Clintons, but for Johnson to put down Barack Obama as a crackhead, who spent his teen years in the neighborhood doing drugs. That Barack is a crack dealer, is the lowest of low, even for a degenerate smut, and violence manager like Johnson.

I would think that Barack would be the kind of black man that Johnson would be showering praises on. Barack is a very well educated, successful, and a very responsible husband and father. The kind of role model that Johnson should be very proud of. Instead Johnson chose to denigrate this great role model for political reasons. Johnson put Barack down purely to help the Clintons get back in power.

It's a shame isn't it. That a good father, husband, and leader like Barack would be dumped on by a man like Johnson, a man who pimps his brand of smut to line his own pockets. The filth Johnson put out via BET shows how much he cares about the black community. There is more drug use on BET videos in an hour than I suspect Barack ever saw in his teens. If Johnson think we are stupid enough to believe his weak explanation of what he meant, then he's living a fairytale.

Also, I am very sure Johnson knows someone who has been affected by drugs. As I'm sure the majority of Americans also do. Drug use in this country is so widespread that no matter who you are, you probably have been touched by it. I am also sure Johnson through BET has most certainly caused a fair amount of this drug activity. Along with the violence that goes hand and hand with the drug trade in the black community. Johnson did all this for money. Barack worked in his community to bring positive change. Barack did the work he did to better the living conditions of his community. He did it for very little pay. While Johnson was making his Billion destroying the neighborhood. And the black community as a whole.

I keep hearing about the great record the Clintions have on civil rights. How they always stood up for the rights of black people. Johnson thinks blacks should reward them for doing the right thing. This fact however, does not preclude them for using race as wedge issue between blacks and whites. The Clintons want, and crave power. They will do whatever it takes to get power back. This includes manufacturing some phony controversy to pit whites against blacks. Does anyone remember sister solider. The Clintons will do anything for power. ANYTHING Robert Johnson, so you have to watch your back. Just ask Dick Morris. Maybe Johnson can team up with pat buchanan, that way they can both bash Obama. Johnson can even use the word "cocaine."

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Iowa, New Hampshire

Iowa and New Hampshire a tell of two states, Iowa, thanks for proving that a highly accomplished black can win a white majority. NH, thanks for being the first in the nation primary. NH thanks for polling on the money, for republicans.

No one knows what happened with the democrat polling, or the electronic voting machines. Some suspect that the outcome was due to no paper trail. Some suspect that the people polled lied to the pollsters. I don't know what happened. But a 13 to 20% swing in less than 12 hours is weird, to say the least.

Obama is still my choice. I just don't want the Clinton comedy show back in town for another 4/8 years. Though, as looks now that is whats going to happen. Lord help us all. They will do anything for power. And if Obama wins South Carolina look for the Clintons to start dealing the race card from the middle, top, and bottom of the deck.

If you think those things Mark Penn and others in the Clinton campaign (including Bill and Hillary) have said are racist, just wait, you ain't seen nothing yet. Calling Obama a crack dealer will be kind in comparison to what's going to come from the Clinton campaign. Obama will be living in crack houses by the time the Clinton campaign finishes trashing him.

And they will put Pat Buchanan out to aide them every step of the way. Buchanan will be on TV every chance he gets saying cocaine, Obama, and every other negative Clinton talking point he can use against Obama. No matter if the things the Clintons the put out or true or not. Buchanan just can't stomach the idea of having a black man as his President.