Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super Delegates: Your Constituency Has Spoken

Super Delegates. Your constituency have spoken very loud, and very clear. So when you cast your Super Delegates votes for the Presidency, remember the people voices. Most of the Congress people that I'm speaking to here were sent to congress by people that overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama.

After being spun most of this election season by Billary drones via the media, telling us that more blacks were supporting Billary over Barack, that Barack wasn't black enough, that Barack could not win the Presidency because whites would not vote for a black man, that Barack was not experienced enough, that Barack was too postive, and so on. None of this spin, I think, blacks or whites bought into.

When all of that bull failed to stop the phenom in the person of Barack Obama. Billary pulled out what it believed to be it's big gun. It's 50 cailber machine gun. Racial sensitivity. South Carolina was perfect for Billary to aim it's artillery at. The state has a large black population, and most important to billary, South Carolina is a southern state. So Billary unloaded it's race baiting arsenal on that state's citizens.

Billary was so sure it could play racial roulette and win with no problem. Billary reasoned it could marginalized Barack as the candidate of black people. However the good people of S.C. saw this not so clever tactic for what it was, a shameless attempt to stir up racial tensions between blacks and whites. To divide and conquer.

The Clintons strategy failed miserably. Not only did Billary piss off and lose almost all it's of support from blacks, but Billary also drove away the very voters the were trying to draw in. The whites of that state. Billary support from S.C. whites, especially white men, dropped in half. This was a colossial error in judgement on the part of Billary's campaign.

Back to the Super Delegates, who represent all those millions in black districts that voted for Barack four to one in primaries and caucuses held so far, and the contests in the weeks and months to come. To these Super Delegates in congress, your consistency sent you Washington to speak for them. This means you have to vote for the Presidential candidate that the same people who voted you in office voted for.

The blacks chose Barack. So to all the black Congress people who are now supporting Billary, support the Clintons to your heart's content. Just carry out the people of your districts wishes, and cast those all important Super votes for the peoples choice. Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

As soon as Barack starting showing strength with black voters as the primary moved to South Carolina, Billary decided that it didn't need black voters anymore, so it sent the Bill half out to throw black votes away in hopes that race baiting would attract more white voters. Billary's plan worked on reverse, it repelled whites voters away from Billary.

A cautionary note to Super Deglates that are now supporting Billary, who knows when Billary will decide it does not need you anymore, and throw you away. Compared to Billary's pathological need for power, you are an expendable foot soldiers in Billary army. After all you can always be replaced. You will be replaced, before your dead weight is moved from the politically battlefield.