Monday, June 1, 2009

She's Latina Supreme

Bravo POTUS Obama, she's a great choice. She's more than qulified, she's a woman, she's Hispanic, she's a survivor. I think she is exactly what the Supreme Court needs, a fresh new thinker. Someone not from the majority. Someone young enough to effect the direction the high court takes for decades to come. She will be a voice for tens of millions of peoplewho sometime feel left out when it comes to people like themselves in high profile, high power positions. Not to mention that she will be a top notch Supreme Court Justice, in my opinion. The high court, indeed all our public policiy organizations need to look like America.

Of course there will always be some Americans who will never be pleased with anyone the POTUS nominates. These people will only be pleased with Justices that see the world the way they see it. That has lived the life the they have lived. People like Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich, who calls her a racist. Just think of Limbaugh's nerve, calling Judge Sotomayor, or anyone for that matter a racist. Limbaugh and his "halfican-American",(his decription of Americans with one black parent and one white parent, guess only white parent is the American half), or his one hit wonder race baiting melody, "Barack the magic negro". Then there's Glen Beck, he called her a "chick lady". I have to agree with him halfway there. She's no doubt a "lady". As for the "chick", I no doubt think Beck's a "Bo-Chick"(old term used in my family meaning a "wimp"). Proof of him being a bo-chick; his appearance with the ladies on the View. Beck lied behind their backs about the train ride he, Whoopie and Barbara took together to the White House Corespondent Dinner. When Beck was stupid enough to guest on the View, he completely "bo-chicked" out when they called him out on his lies face to face. .

Our senator here in Alabama, Jeff Sessions. Sen. Sessions says he doesn't understand why the POTUS would want an empathic Justice on tne High Court. Of course if a man has no empathy he wouldn't understand empathy. And to look at Jeff Sessions it's easy to see he's a man with little, if any compassion. Sessions always look as if he has just left a kkk rally. He reminds me of one those white guys I in see in old pictures gleeing proudly at a body that's been lynched. Sessions and kkk super hero Sam Bowers could pass for brothers.

Karl Rove says Judge Sotomayor doesn't have the intellect to sit on the Supreme Court. Ha! Karl Rove, the man who is the main reason George W. Bush got elected POTUS. Enough said on how good Rove is at judging a person's intelligence. How dumb is Rove to think that Bush has the intellect to lead a backyard bar-b-que, let alone the largest most powerful nation on earth, The United States. The country thanks you Rove.

And the there's my favorite white supremacist Pat Buchanan. Master of the republican party's southern strategy. Old Pat's on tv everyday crying about the plight of the poor deprived, discriminated against, underprivileged white American male due to minorities having equal opportunities. Buchanan says judge Sotomayor is an affirmative action choice. That POTUS Obama only picked her because she is Hispanic. Probably true, but so what. The only reason Buchanan is on tv today is because he was an affirmative action pick years ago. In other words he got his job as Nixon's speechwriter back when because he's white. Nixon needed a top notch race baiter, Nixon hired Pat Buchanan for the job. Richard Nixon knew how to pick the right men for the particular unsavory tasks he needed to have done.

As I already said these people would be against any nominee that the POTUS put up. But the idea of this Porto Rica woman being a Supreme seems to scare them more sillier than already are. I want to know why it scares them so. Nothing will change for them. They will still be way overpaid propagandist. Even if they never made another penny, they are set for the rest of their lives, in fact their great-great-great grand kids will have no money worries. Maybe it's the fact that they are slowily losing power. I'm sure these loud mouths never imagined the day would come that a black man would be POTUS, and would nominate an Hispanic woman to sit as a Supreme Court Justice. Well to all above mentioned men, I say to you this is progress. Get used to it, and get over it.