Friday, December 7, 2007

True Colors

Well, it's been awhile, I'm back. Just in time it seems. Hillary is showing her true colors. She want to U.S. Presidency, and nothing, or no one will stop her from getting it. Especially someone who just appeared on the scene and took off the way Barack has. Hillary was sure she would sail into the Presidency. She said it's going to be me.

Hillary thinks the Presidency is her birth right. And she will do whatever to get what she and Bill considers their family's' legacy. It should not surprise anyone that the Clintons will try and destroy Barack. She will even dig up even his kindergarten records to use against him. There's no too low for the Clinton to go. They can't find any real dirt, so they embellish any little thing they can from his past. No matter how stupid the Clinton machine comes out looking.

I sure hope all the Hillary supporters out there see what happens to their girl when things get tough for her. She does not handle pressure very well. The free ride she enjoyed for so long from the press is over, and those of you that want to see Billary back in the White House, maybe you should move into the 21 first century. Billary is so last century. She's gonna lose.