Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stop It! You Idiots

I write this post with a heavy heart. Being child of the civil rights movement I have take a a real critical look at the black youth today, and wonder if this is what we the people who marched for, got beaten down streets by law enforcement for, had the skin stripped from our bodies with powerful fire hoses for, had our bodies chewed up by big police dogs for, endured being treated less than zero for, and was killed for. So many were killed. We gained our rights through much brutality. We gained our rights through pure human tenacity. We knew what we up against, and we went up against all the odds, and we prevailed.

On November 25, 2006 Shawn Bell was gunned down by NYC police officers while leaving his bachelor party. Most of the so call black leaders in this country were all up in arms over Shawn's senseless murder, and rightfully so. That same day there were over 50 other young blacks murdered by other young blacks in this country. Yet, not a word of protest about these senseless murders from these same so-called leaders. Why not? My opinion is that black on black murders don't carry the same potential financial benefit for these leading men as police killings do, or blacks killed by whites in general carry. I know Sharpton and Jackson are the biggest racial ambulance chasers we have in this country.

The young thugs that roam our streets these days kill more backs in a year than than the kkk killed all during the worst years of the civil rights movement. These black terrorist killed so matter of factually, and with such ease that law abiding blacks have to wonder if these haters are trying to wipe out their own race in the country.

A majority of these baby face killers can barely read, they speak in broken sentences, and know math above at preschool level. Not because they can't learn, but because they don't want to learn anything except how to be a thug. They can and learn, they learn how to use foul language. They learn how to make crack cocaine out of powder cocaine(most could be chemist if they tried). They learn how to change money in drug transactions so fast it rivals calculators. They learn how to make babies to be raised singles mother and supported by the system. They learn how aim guns and shoot so precisely that master surgeons are perplexed. They learn how to contribute nothing meaningful to society(exceptions being the fatherless children they create). They learn how to adapt in the criminal justice system, and they learn how to die young, and violently, not bravely, but in the throes of fear. Yes they are able to learn, they only want to learn in the negative.

One would think with the high rate of black on black crime in this country that our self appointed black leaders would be much more concerned about this phenomenon than they would be about the random murders of our black youth by law enforcement. One would think the leaders would be in the community shouting from rooftops to stop the violence. After all it's not law enforcement or civilian whites destroying or communities, it's our own youth. Yet all these leaders do is make excuses for the thugs. There are no excuses.

Blacks are the third largest majority in this country. Black are the number one victims of murder in our country. Blacks are number one perpetrators of murders in our country. Blacks are 12% of population, we are 49% of murder victims. 94% of black murder victims in this is country are killed by other blacks. Pitiful statistics of blacks inhumanity to each other.

To the "leaders" in the community these are the victims that should really speak to your concern of senseless brutality. Law enforcement abuse against anyone has no place in our world, but compared to abuse we inflict on ourselves, authority abuse is a rarity.

To you self appointed community leaders you have to stop blaming everyone for your failure to lead, and try find someway to make your sorry asses useful. To the people who're mainly causing all the sorrow in the community, the black criminals who seems interested only in destroying their own race, the ones who complains the loudest when some people avoid meeting them on a lonely street, just please; Stop it, You idiots.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Supreme Court

I never thought about the high court much. I know that I benefited from many of its ruling. Being a child of the 1960s(born 1955) there was the Civil Rights Movement, and the court's rulings for the Movement that rightfully gave equal rights, justice and dignity to black Americans, like myself. These basic human rights were earned through patriotism, much blood, sweat, and many tears of millions of many people. However, civil rights did not come from the goodness and fairness of the court. These rights were forced on the Court by the of the power of the Movement.

The court has proven to be, over its many years, a place of little political courage. Most Supreme Court rulings have been to appease the majority, not equality for the minority. Of course from the time of the Court's inception many of it's Justices held the same superior views as the majority. Views that these same justices ruled into law.

Over the years, The Supreme Court, to say the least, has made many controversial rulings. And some not so good rulings. The Supreme of late have been making some rulings, to my thinking anyway, that don't jive with the makeup of a right leaning court. To my most pleasant surprise.

The recent ruling to end the executions of persons that committed capital crimes before the age of 18. This ruling commuted the sentences of hundreds of prisoners from death to life in prison. The Court's decision not execute the mentally ill, the decision to grant habeas corpus to detainees at Gitmo and, the most recent ruling not to make child rape a capital offense.

The rape of child is horrible. The pervert might spare the child's life, if he or she knows not killing the child will also spare his or her sick life. Also since most cowards that rape kids are usually related to their victims, child victims will have a heavy load on their shoulders, knowing that their testimony might mean the death penalty for the sorry rapist.

Though most of these rulings were five to four decisions, in the high court made of nine, five is the majority. As we blacks have been brow beaten with forever, MAJORITY RULES. Hopefully the next POTUS will appoint Justices with political and moral courage. Justice that are NOT in the majority.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Barack Won, Hillary Lost, The Right Can Get Over It

First of all, I want to give my very sincere thanks to Barack Obama. I want to thank him for putting together a fantastic campaign team. I want to thank him for being practical, and using his hard working supporters donations very wisely. I want to thank him for not taking the advice of the pundits who demanded he go negative on Senator Clinton. I want to thank Barack for winning the nomination his way. He took the Clintons down by keeping his standards and head high. But most of all, I want to thank Barack for saving us from Clinton 2XL for the next four to eight years.

So now the right can just get over it. The best man won, and the rights's woman lost. The right can lick their wounds and prepare to welcome Barcak as Commander And Chief. Barack is going to be POTUS. He played the game by the rules, and won it fair and square. He didn't ask for, or need the pundits advice to play the first half of the game, and he won't ask for, or need their advice to bring home the winning score.

But cheer up, all you right wingers, after November's election while the rest of us will be focusing on getting the Country's heart and soul back after sixteen years. Getting the nation back on the right track for it's citizens after eight years of Bush. Getting back our country's respect around the world. Getting out of that bloody Iraq war. Taking care of the warriors when they come home, and many other important issues to numerous to list here. You right wing pundits can keep trying, day after day, to convince your flock(no else one will pay any attention to your jaw jacking gibberish) that Barack is a lousy POTUS. After all that's what you do best, lie!

So, Pat Buchanan, Joe Scarborough, Tucker Carlson, Juan Williams, most everyone at Fox News, and all the other nay saying haters out there, you tried your best, and you failed. Now you can fix yourself a stiff drink. Take your calming pills. Put a damp cloth over your forehead, and stretch out on your couch. It's going to be a very long eight years for you.

By the way, you right wing pundits are always telling us how disappointed and angry Hillary's older white women supporters are that she lost the primary. Well, there are a few older and younger white women who have had the pleasure of Bill's company, who probably won't feel to bad that Billary won't be in their faces everyday as POTUS. Ask Kathleen, Monica, or any of the others how they feel about it.