Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crack, The Anniversey Into Hopeless Darkness

I sit looking at my dear friend of over 40 years. He's 51 years old , my age. Yet, the man looks old enough to my father. His eyes are sunken deep in their sockets, his eyes have very dark circles, and bags around them. His eyes are blank, hollow, and absent any glint of hope. His cheeks are so sanked in that the outline of his teeth shows through his jaws. His skin is ashen, very aged, leathery and, lined. Even his skin tone has changed, he went from a young man with ebony skin, to an older man with powdery pale skin.

He is on all fours picking at my rug. He is feverishly scratching at the rug fibers looking for crumbs of crack he says he dropped on my floor (of course he had'nt dropped anything, he's fiending). The Chicken Scratch. He has lost all zest for living a meaningful life. He has but one desire in life, Crack Cocaine. He rises from sleep chasing crack, he spends all his waking hours, from early morn to late eves looking for ways get cracked up. He only ends his quest when he exhausts himself to point where his body collapses from lack of sleep. He's on the never ending mission to get the very addictive drug.

Crack, the most devastating thing to ever happen to the black community.

In the mid 1980's I was introduced to Crack Cocaine via the CBS news special 48 Hours On Crack Street. This was the first 48 Hours special, it took place in NYC, and it focused on the trail of destruction through broken lives and community that the drug caused. Crack, perhaps the most deliberate, cold calculating additive substance known, addicts it's users with such speed and efficiency that users are most often hooked the very first time they try it. Therefore, most of crack victims never knew what hit them. They never stood a chance.

Fortunately, for me, I have never been the type to use random drugs. Tragic for a very large numbers of my peers, who trusted their relatives and friends. Relatives and friends that gave them their first hit of crack. A very low-down thing to do. These relatives and friends were only thinking of ways to get more crack for themselves.

My friend says he's not had any sleep in two days. He finally falls out on my floor, he is so tired he can not will himself to stay awake any longer. I will let him get the much needed sleep his body demands. Since he only visits when he needs sleep, and is to embarrassed, or he can't to go to his home. He had to move back with his mother, for he stopped caring about paying rent for his own place, over two decades ago.

I often wonder if the people who so causally flooded the community with this terrible stuff ever took a look at what their greed has caused. Total Despair. I also wonder if they ever thought of consequences, and please believe me when I tell you, the consequences are dire. Families destroyed, there are so many children orphaned by crack in this country, that crack orphans in America rivals AIDs orphans in Africa. Entire communities dismantled by crime, business closings, homelessness, gang violence, abandon homes that are now used as crack houses, and all the other social problems that such a drug causes. Prostitution has become a career, for both men and women addicts. Crack is a neighborhood killer. I am sure the people that dumped crack in the community were aware of all of this. They just didn't care.

I call this entry Anniversary into Hopeless Darkness, because for a crack addict everyday is one less day since he or she was normal and, one more day into hopeless darkness.
The sixty second, sixty minute, twenty four hour anniversary. This is a realty for my friend and millions of others in this great country of ours. No hopes, no dreams, no looking ahead for a decent life, just a never ending mission to get Crack Cocaine.

Monday, June 1, 2009

She's Latina Supreme

Bravo POTUS Obama, she's a great choice. She's more than qulified, she's a woman, she's Hispanic, she's a survivor. I think she is exactly what the Supreme Court needs, a fresh new thinker. Someone not from the majority. Someone young enough to effect the direction the high court takes for decades to come. She will be a voice for tens of millions of peoplewho sometime feel left out when it comes to people like themselves in high profile, high power positions. Not to mention that she will be a top notch Supreme Court Justice, in my opinion. The high court, indeed all our public policiy organizations need to look like America.

Of course there will always be some Americans who will never be pleased with anyone the POTUS nominates. These people will only be pleased with Justices that see the world the way they see it. That has lived the life the they have lived. People like Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich, who calls her a racist. Just think of Limbaugh's nerve, calling Judge Sotomayor, or anyone for that matter a racist. Limbaugh and his "halfican-American",(his decription of Americans with one black parent and one white parent, guess only white parent is the American half), or his one hit wonder race baiting melody, "Barack the magic negro". Then there's Glen Beck, he called her a "chick lady". I have to agree with him halfway there. She's no doubt a "lady". As for the "chick", I no doubt think Beck's a "Bo-Chick"(old term used in my family meaning a "wimp"). Proof of him being a bo-chick; his appearance with the ladies on the View. Beck lied behind their backs about the train ride he, Whoopie and Barbara took together to the White House Corespondent Dinner. When Beck was stupid enough to guest on the View, he completely "bo-chicked" out when they called him out on his lies face to face. .

Our senator here in Alabama, Jeff Sessions. Sen. Sessions says he doesn't understand why the POTUS would want an empathic Justice on tne High Court. Of course if a man has no empathy he wouldn't understand empathy. And to look at Jeff Sessions it's easy to see he's a man with little, if any compassion. Sessions always look as if he has just left a kkk rally. He reminds me of one those white guys I in see in old pictures gleeing proudly at a body that's been lynched. Sessions and kkk super hero Sam Bowers could pass for brothers.

Karl Rove says Judge Sotomayor doesn't have the intellect to sit on the Supreme Court. Ha! Karl Rove, the man who is the main reason George W. Bush got elected POTUS. Enough said on how good Rove is at judging a person's intelligence. How dumb is Rove to think that Bush has the intellect to lead a backyard bar-b-que, let alone the largest most powerful nation on earth, The United States. The country thanks you Rove.

And the there's my favorite white supremacist Pat Buchanan. Master of the republican party's southern strategy. Old Pat's on tv everyday crying about the plight of the poor deprived, discriminated against, underprivileged white American male due to minorities having equal opportunities. Buchanan says judge Sotomayor is an affirmative action choice. That POTUS Obama only picked her because she is Hispanic. Probably true, but so what. The only reason Buchanan is on tv today is because he was an affirmative action pick years ago. In other words he got his job as Nixon's speechwriter back when because he's white. Nixon needed a top notch race baiter, Nixon hired Pat Buchanan for the job. Richard Nixon knew how to pick the right men for the particular unsavory tasks he needed to have done.

As I already said these people would be against any nominee that the POTUS put up. But the idea of this Porto Rica woman being a Supreme seems to scare them more sillier than already are. I want to know why it scares them so. Nothing will change for them. They will still be way overpaid propagandist. Even if they never made another penny, they are set for the rest of their lives, in fact their great-great-great grand kids will have no money worries. Maybe it's the fact that they are slowily losing power. I'm sure these loud mouths never imagined the day would come that a black man would be POTUS, and would nominate an Hispanic woman to sit as a Supreme Court Justice. Well to all above mentioned men, I say to you this is progress. Get used to it, and get over it.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Deeds Of The Dads, U.S., Mexican Drug Mayhem

The violence in Mexico's drug trade has gotten down right medieval. The criminals that are now in charge of medicating the U.S and indeed the world, spare no depravity in getting their macabre message across to anyone who has the audacity to try and stop them. The Mexican drug thugs that are now terrorizing their country have no boundaries as to what they will do(I use the word thugs here loosely, for the thugs here in the U.S. do have some limits, most just shoot and run to be caught soon after, then they cry). There's no violence to horrible or bizarre for these bloodthirsty Mexican murderers. Hell, they seem very proud of their hobbies, reeking death sorrow all over Mexico.

Mexico is a very poor country, which boarders a very rich country, though the riches here are mainly in the hands of the majority, for now. The United States was designed form the time it was taken away from the indigenous people to enrich its and the world's white citizens. The brown skin country of Mexico, our southern neighbor, where the indigenous people there were and still are used to make life easy and richer for the world's fairest occupants. Unlike our northern neighbor Anglo Canada, which is viewed as an equal partner, and is treated as such. Mexico is viewed as America's needy underling, and is treated as such.

Most of Mexico's working citizens work long days all week at hard laborious backbreaking jobs. Jobs that pay them as indentured servants. They live in shacks, and have to get water out of holes in the ground, holes that is often shared by entire communities. The chosen few in Mexico that are spared this rough existence are the rich, powerful, and sometime corrupt that hold almost all of the wealth in Mexico. These conditions kept and keeps Mexico a poor country. And even though Mexico is a country rich in resources, these resources are far out of the reach of it's poor citizens. Save one, the illegal drugs that the north feinds for.

Fueled by the world's, mainly the U.S.'s insatiable appetite for illegal drugs, Mexico's ordinary dirt poor people have found their resource out of crushing poverty. And because their only export is illegal, it breeds casual violence, and some people in Mexico spare no horror in going for the profits. Five human heads in coolers is the least result of the violence from Mexico's inner war for control of it's easiest(anyone can do it) and most profitable export(any poor peasant can become rich, if allowed to live that is).

Because Mexico is the United States broader neighbor, it's drug war is our drug war. The severed heads in the coolers were found near El Paso Texas. The extreme mob violence that the Mexican drug trade has bred affects our entire country. From our biggest cities to the smallest towns(my hometown is less 3,000 people, yet meth and crack are highly craved there). The U.S is flooded with the much demanded drugs that come in from Mexico. Though cocaine and marijuana has in the past been our main drug imports from Mexico, now heroin, methamphetamine, prescription pain killers, and God knows what other mind busting stuff is coming here from that country.

Dire poverty will make people to do just about anything to to better their sub-standard living existance. And if people are of the mindset that life is cheap, combined with the cold bloodiness it takes to chop off peoples heads, then my fellow Americans we got big problems. Not the say anything of the dependency the United States has for the addictive drugs that feeds the callousness of the whole morbid mess.

The deeds of the dads, all Anglo power, all the time has turned America's children into sniffling dope feinds who sell their daughters to nasty drug dealers for a fix of crack, meth, heroin , or who knows, maybe even pot. The deeds of the dads has turned good honest people who had good lives into drugged out criminals who committee unspeakable crimes for one more hit of whatever drug that is needed for them to feel normal for a while. The sins of the fathers. I wonder if the quest for control over the worlds resources is worth the heartbreak and hopelessness that are now being visited on so many of their children.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Clintons Still In Our Faces, Why Barack Why?

I just want the Clintons to go away. Lord knows, I was elated when Barack Obama entered the race for POTUS. Not only would the country get a dynamic, charismatic very capable leader, and a very stylish beautiful smart first lady in Michelle, and their adorable girls as first children. But the main thing for me was that he was the one democratic candidate that could beat Hilliary for the nomination. And indeed he did. Now President-elect Obama is going to appoint Hillary as his Secretary of State. Just when I thought the Clintons were finally put away, only to come out in the open when Bill did something stupid to get himself noticed, he craves any kind of attention.

This is a slap in the faces of all us true believers who worked so hard to get Barack elected our 44th President. Really we, or maybe I should speak for myself, I did the grunt work for his campaign. I knocked on the doors, made the phone calls, hosted events, attended the strategy meetings, and took the did it all without getting paid one thin dime. In fact all at my expense. I was insulted on the phone, had doors slammed in my face, and called names. All by the very same people Hillary worked so hard to woo out to vote for her during the summer.

Please don't get me wrong, I was more than happy to do everything I could to get Barack elected. But I didn't do it all to get Hillary the plum job of Secretary Of State. She deserves nothing, let her work for John McCain. After all, she worked so hard for him during the primaries. "Senator McCain will bring a lifetime of experience," "Sen. Obama will bring a speech". This is just one of the many nice things Hillary said in the postive of Sen. McCain, and not so nice things in the negative of POTUS-elect Obama, while chasing the dragon in quest of her insatiable need to be POTUS. Heck, she even loosely said she was hanging in the primary race when there was no chance for her to win the nomination, in case then Sen. Obama got taken out by some looney she helped race bait.

For the life of me I can't understand Barack's decision to bring the Clintons into forefront of his administration, or back into our, the American people, lives. I thought with Barrack winning the nomination and Presidency that we would finally be rid of the never ending dramaedy a.k.a the Bill and Hill road show. God knows we deserve to be free of the stupid Clinton comedy tour, oh so sad, so so sad for us.

Why would he even want this woman anywhere near him, his family, his White House, or his adminstration. This totally baffles me. And indeed, just because he seems to to want her as Secretary Of State, doesn't mean we, his loyal supporters should have to suffer for at least the next four years. We deserve his loyalty more than any promises he made to the Clintons. Four more long years of red-faced Bill wagging his crooked finger at the t.v. cameras, biting his thin dried out, cracked up bottom lip, ...yuck. God help us. They'll never be in the background.

Being a black American I am personally offended by Barack's picking Hillary for this position. My memory is apparently much longer than his. "Americans, hard working Americans, White Americans" don't vote for this negro, is the message she intended to send to her white supporters. Bill Clinton was a little more sneaky in his dealing out the race card, "Jesse Jackson won here twice", Bill said of the South Carolina primary. The message, the only reason Barack could win South Carolina would be because blacks make up the majority of the democratic base in the state. I'm not saying the Clintons are racist, I don't think they are. But I also know they have no problem playing one race against another race to get their way. They have no problem using whatever they deem it might take. No matter the hurt.

Why Barack, WHY? Why are you doing this to us? Why make the Clintons more important than they deserve to be? I mean Barack is the President-elect, yet all the news media has been talking about for the past couples of weeks is the Clintons, and their warped way of getting themselves back in the headlines. Why Barack Why?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Blacks And Gay Marriage, Some Nerve

First of all I want to say I'm not gay, nor bisexual. And I am a black woman.

The voters of California took away the rights of the state's gay citizens to legally marry. It was a some what close vote 52.4% to 47.6%. So now the law abiding gay citizens of the progressive state of California can still legally have civil union dates. Send out civil union invitations, go on their civil union honeymoons. Here's to the happy couples, may they have many memory filled years together in their civil unions.

What I want to write about here is the breakdown of the votes, as to how certain ethnic groups voted. A mind boggling 70% of blacks voted in favor of the ban against gay marriage. The most put out reason the yea voters gave to explain this stupid vote is the Bible teachings. The moral teachings that tell us same sex people should not lay together.

Can you believe it, black women and men who have 70% of their children out of marriage. Black women who often have three, four or more children before they are twenty four years old, all without being married. And get this, most of the time the children are fathered by different men. Black men who seem to have one purpose as far fatherhood goes, to spread as many children around, by as many different women as possible. Of course their main purpose is to have sex with as many different women as they possibly can in their lifetimes, no matter the consequences. These men often leave the children they father completely the responsibility of the poor mothers, and us taxpayers. Some black men I know have kids they never met. Yet these are the people that voted to stop marriage.

Under the circumstances I described above its seems such people would be happy for any marriages, same sex or not. The black women and men I'm referring to here have some nerve forcing their so called morals on the basic human rights of people who want to marry. People who want to live in a partnerships and share to responsibility on maintaining their relationships. After all why does gays getting married matter to any of the people that voted to outlaw it.

As for the down with marriage voting blacks that say they voted for the ban on the basic of Bible teachings. Man, should they read farther into the pages of the Bible. If they did, I am most certain that they would come across the teachings against fornication (sex between single women and men), adultery, and the responsibilities of mothers and fathers to the children they create. And please don't even go there on Bible teachings as to how we should treat each other as humans beings. The Bible teaches that we should not kill, steal, bare false witness, covet against our neighbors. The Bible also tells us to feed the hungry, comfort and tend the sick, house the homeless, treat others with the respect all humans deserve, and most of all, to be our brothers and sister keepers. You know the Bible even tells us eating catfish is the same as homosexuallity.
On the other hand I can see why people living their lives in such sin and misery would vote to stop to others minorities from living the whole complete lives that happy, healthy marriages offer. The stability, the love, the respect, and having someone there for the good and bad times.

Of course the thoughts I've expressed here in no way apply to all black women and men, but I'm very sure my words here are true to many of the blacks who voted in favor of the dumb law. These are the people who will go home to low rent apartments, where several fatherless live, to women or men they are not marred to, and have sex. Like the old saying goes "if I can't have it, no one can".

Sunday, October 26, 2008

White Southerns, The Welfare State, Race, And Voting Republican

The South, what can I say here about my region of the United States? I love my home. The Southern state of Alabama. I can't say the same for the majority of it's occupants. The White Southerns with superiority complexes, and their almost self destructive voting patterns. They vote Republican, yet they need Democrats (In the '04 election white men here in Alabama voted for Bush man for man). I say this because they need the many social programs that the Democrats have enacted over the years. Programs that Republicans fought the Democrats on tooth and nail. Programs that they would be downright pitiful without.

All the whites I know, and I know quite a few, get some help from the Federal Government. A majority of them get the whole nine yards. Food stamps, medicaid, public housing, help with heating bills, free or reduced school meals for their children, and those first of the month and welfare checks. A lot of white southern Republican voters would be homeless, and starving if it weren't for Democrats. Their children would hardly ever see a real doctor.

Yet, if you ask why they vote Republican, the answers most often given are: the Democrats want to give everything away. Sometime they say: Democrats want gay to marry, (some have gay relatives and friends, but conclude this a safe answer, since a lot of black people are also bigoted toward gay Americans). Some say; because of abortion. A lot of the white women I know have had abortions, most have had more than one. Since a lot of white Southerns benefit greatly from Govt safety net programs that the Democrats put in place, and the gay and abortion reasons don't whole water. It's plain and simple why they vote republican: Race. These particular white folks perceive Republicans as being more in tune with their feelings on white supremacy. The proof is this; when the racist Dixiecrats ruled the south, the entire white south was voting democratic. After Democrats put in laws that assured blacks would have the same Federal Govt protected rights as whites in the south Dixiecrats all went to the republican side of the isle in local, state and Federal Govt. And so the most whites voters

I once asked a white co-worker with all Government help she gets from Democratic programs (and she get the whole nine yards), why is she a Republican? She answered "my family has always voted Republican". I said to her that George Wallace was Democrat, and that I knew her family voted for him. She did not respond (maybe she didn't know Wallace was Democrat).

In the 1968 Alabama's Governor George C Wallace, who gained all his power in the racist south by demonizing blacks, and promising segregation forever, ran for POTUS as an Independent. He based his campaign on a racist platform, and won five southern states.

More than a "few"southern whites want and need all the benefits from Democratic social programs, but they vote Republican to feel above other races. For Democrats are seen as more tolerant towards blacks and other minorities. The Republicans set up, and used very well, the southern strategy (portraying blacks as lazy, ignorant people, who hate work, only want to live off government handouts, and most of all, that white women are in danger of be being spoiled by black men). The Republicans knew that white a lot of Southerns (and whites in general) would flock to them in droves using this sorry bogus strategy.

The 1990 census numbers show that 63% of all American welfare recipients are whites from the South, Mid South, and Southwest (link below). The very places where whites are complaining the loudest about the welfare state. The south is filled with whites that live in fantasy land. A land that only non whites benefit from the Democratic social programs. These whites need the entitlements, and want Republicans in office.

If a person were to drive the streets of one of these southern towns, most of the businesses the person would see, are check cashing payday loan places, Wal-Marts, and plenty of fast food joints. If the person were to go in one of the fast food joints, the only people the person would see behind the counters would be blacks and browns. The hardest working people in the world are blacks and browns. We do lowest paid, most labor intensive jobs. Yet according to whites Southerns they don't deserve the same Government help they, whites get.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pinch Me, No It's Real

I have been a true believer from the start, now the American people and indeed the world know what Barack, Michelle, his family, and us loyal supporters have known all along. Yes he can. I will be honored to call him President Barack Hussein Obama.

They said it was dreaming the impossible dream, yet we accomplished the mission impossible, they said it couldn't be done, we did it. They said we didn't deserve it, and I'm here to tell you, God knows, do ever we deserve it.

We realize that our victory will be a bitter pill to take for some civic minded citizens in this country we live in, and have to learn to share. We know that very well, after all we have been swallowing that pill since the beginning of the history in the new world. We took the medicine they prescribed for us and survived it. Heck, we might have even got stronger because it was forced down our throats. Surely the the newly medicated here will be just fine as well.

Being a child of the nineteen sixties, growing in in the great red state of Alabama one's gotta have dreams. The harsh and often brutal living conditions that we were made to live under left us with little else but prayers, hope and indeed dreams. Dreams of living free in our country of birth. The country of freedoms. Those dreams of a equality of life were only fantasies bav
ck then.

My only regret now is that my parents have both passed on, and can't be here for this living history. I can just imagine my mama pulling that level for Barack, the joy on her face. That sight to me; priceless. Even during those very dangerous and dark times she had the strength and will to act on her beliefs. She did what blacks were suppose to do during the Movement, she walked to her job as domestic servant for wealthy white land owners. She work for the same family for over 10 years, the highest pay she got from them was two dollars a day. I know it sounds impossible, but all so outrageously true. She went to the church meetings. She shied away from certain businesses and other places. She withstood the pressure, from both blacks and whites. She never wavered in her courage, and dreams of equality.

In her lifetime tremendous change took place as to how blacks were treated in this country, and indeed part of the dream she longed for in her younger years was realized. She and others like her were able to live their country, and not be afraid to live freely in their country. And make no mistake I'm so so glad that my parents generation saw this all too deserved life change.

The unfortunate misfits that cause so much tearful destruction in the black community these days could learn a lot from the people who pave the streets of freedom that these jerks now splatter with their own blood. The youth today could never stand up to the things we, mostly my parents generation stood up to.

Yes I have been a true believer since he first announced. You see I had no other choice, growing up in the deep south in the pre-civil rights era left me only with the dreams to look forward, and I still believe in dreams. Living proof is here in Barack's most unlikely quest, that there's nothing wrong believing in dreams.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The New New Republicans

The republican politicians, strategist, and media pundits really have a low opinion of their supporters common sense, intellect, and ability to grasp the reality of what their eyes see, and what their ears hear. The republicans believe that their supporters are so brainwashed that they will support them no matter the reality. If republicans tell their repubbots followers to follow us, supporters fall in single file and wait for the comet.

The republican nominees for the presidency and vice presidency McCain and Palin, or Calin McPal. The couple now says they are the past to the repasted future. They say they are the original mavericks, they are going to Gallup in to D.C and change government. They are the reformers the nation has been waiting for. Yep, the new future to the old past. McCain and cohorts think their supporters are so dumb, and so big "R" republican that they will follow them to he gates of hell, and throw themselves into the lake of fire.

The republicans now say they are going to get rid of deregulations, they are going to be the regulators on companies that they (republicans) let run amok under the GOP's leadership. The new republicans are going stop the very earmarks that their congress people now request, they are going to do oversight. They are going to now look out for the good of common people. Sure the are, I'm sure they will give them a thumbs up as their supporters security gets much less secure.

The republicans and John McCain now care about sexism. Can you believe it, the republicans who have voted against every bill in congress that supported women. Equal pay, equal health care, both in research and treatment. Child care, On and on, Yet now the are the caretakers of anti sexism in our country. Fact is, every single thing that the right sees as helpful to we the people, they are against, class warfare the yell.

Every election cycle the dumb people who follow the right fall for this crap. These people get banged up, beat down and dogged out. Yet, time after time they vote republican because these candidates are like them. "you identify with me", so please make my life and my family lives more of a hardship than you did four years ago. "It's ok if my kids can't get their teeth fix, cause the republican POTUS vetoes the new chips program. They hunt and skin their kill, just like me. The republican politicians and voters that vote in office, the extreme dysfunctional family.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bull Moose In High Heels

Wow! What a speech, she's a pick, she gave it to the Obamas good. Sarah hit all the right highs. And sank in the swamp of lows. The she moose that wears lipstick.

I was somewhat wrong, I thought she was brought in simply to attract Hillary's women. No double duty, she's here for the women, minor. She's here to challenge the Americanism of the Obamas, major. Just listen at her speech, it was filled with jabs at the Obamas blood ties to her America, and hers alike, this is our country, we just let you live here, ours!

Those were some dumb but small things the Obamas said during the primary season, and of course everybody knows that they love it here in the USA, what citizens in their placement in our society wouldn't love the land assured their success.

Palin mocked the Obamas viciously with a smile on her cute face. She even went after the very hard and honorable service of community organizing. The republicans found their woman. They love her. The force. The anti-Obama(s). She's always been proud of her country. She loves religion, she would never accuse small town low income whites of being bitter, gun clinging rubes, who only have the republican party to protect them from the evil doers on the wrong side of the civil rights debate, or using their religion to make themselves feel superior over others that come from a different backgrounds than theirs'. After all these rubes are the chosen people.

When this election is over and we have a new POTUS the Obamas will be just fine, no money concerns, no health care concerns, their kids will get the best of the best education. They will be able to live in any community in this country they choose. The Palins will be just fine, her family will have all the same non worries as the Obamas. The McCains will be more than fine. But what about all the small town folks just scarping out a living, people that vote republican because they perceive republicans to fill their need to feel superior. These peoples egos will be fed. But their bellies might be empty.

Sarah gave nothing in way of polices, she spent much more time talking indirectly about Michelle than she did talking directly about her own public service record. Michelle is not the candidate. Palin spent more time trying to scare the media off investigating her public service record, than she did telling all those clingy people in rural America what she and her President are going to do to keep them away from the welfare line they say they hate. I think they scared CNN, they were chastising themselves for questioning her after her acceptance speech. Yes she'll do her thing well. She will use her womanhood as a naturing mother, who is too female for Joe Biden to put her in her place in their VP debate.

The people bowing at Queen Sarah's knees just remember, after she has ran out of insults, she's being using the same ones since she used at the convention, word for word, after hardcore conservative crowds have stop cheering, after the newborn star has stopped twinkling. And that 300ft movie screen has been sent back to imax theater. You have to ask yourselves is my family going to be better off with these people in charge still.

By the way to McCain/Palin/Giuliani speech writers community organizing is a very patriotic service. These are the people in the trenches trying to better communities like the ones you are targeting for votes. They are the ones who go out and try to get school swings replaced so your children wont fall hurt themselves or worse. They are the ones who go out and try to get new investors to invest in your community so that you maybe won't have to work at kfc, to replace the high paying job you had in factory that closed or replaced you for cheaper labor.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

They Say It, So It's Wrong

Wow! What a great speech Barack gave accepting our party's nomination for President. The media naysayers said it would be difficult for him to meet the expectations they set for him, gees, do they feel stupid. Home run, triple play. He met his expectations, and ours the people, as he always has, and I think always will. Barack benefited from the nonsense pimps in the media over analyzing his convention and his acceptance speech.

The thing that confuses some of us is why do certain media people keep setting themselves up to appear to be so dumb. Dumb and stupid. Every since Barack announced his run for the Presidency, the word pimps have gotten everything about him, and us wrong. They said he could never raise the money to compete, yet he raised more money than any Presidential candidate in history. And used the people donations very wisely. They said he was not black enough for blacks to vote for him. He has 98% black support. They said was to black for whites to vote for him. He has more whites voting for him than any previous democratic nominee. They said he couldn't stand up to the Clinton name recognition, fundraising, and organization power. He not stood up to the Clintons, he surpassed them. They said his convention would be commandeered by Bill and Hill, well he showed on Thursday night that he was in total charge. They said it couldn't be done. That Barack would never be our nominee, he did it. HAHA! They say it, so it's wrong.

They have never gotten anything right about him, because they can't get past their own preconceptions about how things are supposed to be in this country. They want to shape what people are thinking. So much so, that they can't see the forest for the trees. The feel they should be able to tell us what to think, and who to vote for, and to believe in. When will they learn, they can't shape opinion as to the phenomenon that is Barack Hussein Obama. As we blacks have come to expect from the establishment, low expectations. Keep underestimating us, keep underestimating President Barrack Obama.