Monday, July 7, 2008

Republicans, Face Change, Same Game

They're Back! Only now they want us to believe they are different. John McCain is the republicans nominee for POTUS. He says he's a different kind of republican, McCain says he won't run a campaign based on negativity and sleaze. He says that he will run a issue based campaign. He says he won't be a Bush clone, yea right. The republicans have no issues to run on, so do the only thing they know to do to win. They spread to sleaze. Only this time around they are off their game.

In the 2004 election the media aided RoveBush in the sleaze game against John Kerry. Anyone with half a brain knew that the swift boat liars for Bush were telling bald face lies about Kerry's Vietnam service. Yet the media reported these lies as if they the gospel truth. Chris Matthews pratically made the swift boat liars his co-hosts.

John McCain himself was a victim of the sleaze game in the 2000 primary. I guess he saw how good it worked against him in South Carolina, so now in 2008 he'll used it against Obama. Only he's nowhere as good at it as the master, RoveBush. And maybe, just maybe, certain white Americans are smarter this this time around. But don't count on it. These certain whites only see and hear what their small minds let them see and hear.

During the primaries I actually gave some thought to voting for McCain, if Billasea had won our party's nomination. Thank God they didn't win. If they had I would have probably had sit the election out, knowing what I now about McCain. He has become what he up until this POTUS election year said he hated, a man who will do and say whatever it takes to win. No matter how sleazy his actions are. I wonder how low he's going to go.

As I said before if the Clintons had won the primary I would have, once anyway, voted for McCain. I would have voted republican so that McCain would have had one more vote to defeat the Clintons. Not anymore. It's the same old game, only the face has changed.