Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Dreamer versus Schemer

The visionary versus the Status-Que. The people always break the dreamer's heart. The dreamer talks about what can be. The schemer tells you what was. The dreamer connects vision with far reaching possibility. The schemer connects Status-Que with near sighted blind ambition. The dreamer gains power through inspiring people to join in. The schemer gains power through scaring people to go along. The dreamer gives the people to power to choose. The schemer tries to manipulate the people into believing they are given a choice.

The Dreamer invites all people of all races to stand together for the betterment of all human beings. The Schemer tells one racial group that it's a historical fact that they must be at odds with another racial group. That way the one group that benefits from this division is the schemer racial group. Divide and conquer.

The schemer lives a life of a self induced sense false tolerance, but will quickly shed this skin when the power it's thinks it's owed is threaten. The dreamer lives a life of self induced forced hope, that one's birth status does not matter, that through achievement of community involvement, power is earned. No matter what genes one's parents passed on their offspring.

The Dreamer versus the Schemer. The Visionary versus the Status-Que. The people always breaks some one's heart. Sometimes the people want to give the Visionary the benefit of the doubt. Sometime the people want to tell the Status-Que it's not going to benefit from trying to give us, the people, doubt. The people don't always break the Dreamer's heart.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Racial Division, Good For Hillary, Not Good For The Democratic Party

If Hillary is our democratic nominee, my hope and prayer is that the republican nominee win in Nov '08. I am a die heart liberal black woman democrat, living deep in heart of Dixie. I will probably never vote republican again, but I will in '08 if Hillary is our nominee. I will vote republican so that that republican nominee will have the votes needed to get the Clintons out of our lives once and for all.

The Clintons historically have been anti-democratic party, they do what they think is best for the Clintons, and be dammed the party as a whole. If they have to lose every single democratic member of congress to get Hillary elected President, so be it. They will destroy the democratic party to gain power. Wait and see.

From my first introduction to the Clintons in 1992, on 60 minutes, I did not like them. I could see they were power hungry opportunists, who do anything, and I mean anything to win. Just look at what they are now doing to Obama. They use Obama's race against him. After Iowa and NH, the Clintons saw that Barack did transcend race, this meant Obama did not push the racial buttons that divide blacks and whites in the United States. So the Clintons invented buttons to push. They used those buttons well. I don't think their plans worked. But we will see the issue again, especially in the west. There, they will use Hispanics against blacks. They will split the base of the democratic party to try to fill their insatiable need for power. It worked in Nevada. Good for the Clintons, not good for democratic party.

I started this blog mainly to express my liberal views. Being a southern black woman, I am a natural democrat. After all it's the democrats who finally saw that blacks in this country would not be denied equal rights any longer. The democrats at that time, knew the changes had to come. The democrats are also the party that truly cares about the poor. So for someone like myself to vote republican is a very big deal. But I will do so to stop the Clintons. But then again, the Clintons are in a party of their own.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

pat buchnan

pat buchanan says if Barack Obama wins the South Carolina primary it would be a "Jesse Jackson victory". He was referring to Jackson's 1988 win in the SC primary. This, is surely an attempt to try and diminish the black vote in the current Presidential race. However, buchanan must have forgotten that Jesse Jackson won 8 other states including states like Alaska, Texas,Vermont and Virgina. These states are hardly overly populated by blacks.

buchanan motives are two folded, he has this great fear that Obama will be elected President, and that simply is buchanan's worse nightmare. That race relations in the U.S. have come so far that whites will actually vote to put a black man in the White House. And that buchanan's race baiting will no longer be a factor in electing people to public office.

The other thing he fears is that since this looks like the year for Democrats, he wants the Democrat the right loves to dump on the most to win the nomination. Hillary Clinton is that Democrat. She's the right's (buchanan's right) money making machine. They has made a industry of Clinton bashing.

When Bill Clinton was President buchanan never had one good thing to say about Bill Clinton or Hillary, after all the Clintons are Democrats. Now he's Billary's biggest fan. buchanan can't say enough good things about Hillary. When she losees the nomination to Barack buchanan will more heartbroken than the Clintons. Oh what a happy day, when the race baiter out baits himself.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Robert Johnson, Smut, Drug, and Violence Pimp, Clinton Supporter

The nerve of Robert Johnson, to call Barack Obama a crackhead. Johnson, who brought black America BET TV. BET the network that has done more to demean and promote negative images of black people, than any other medium in the history of broadcasting. BET, the place where sex, drugs, and violence are celebrated as the norm in the black community.

I am well aware that Johnson has this love affair with the Clintons, but for Johnson to put down Barack Obama as a crackhead, who spent his teen years in the neighborhood doing drugs. That Barack is a crack dealer, is the lowest of low, even for a degenerate smut, and violence manager like Johnson.

I would think that Barack would be the kind of black man that Johnson would be showering praises on. Barack is a very well educated, successful, and a very responsible husband and father. The kind of role model that Johnson should be very proud of. Instead Johnson chose to denigrate this great role model for political reasons. Johnson put Barack down purely to help the Clintons get back in power.

It's a shame isn't it. That a good father, husband, and leader like Barack would be dumped on by a man like Johnson, a man who pimps his brand of smut to line his own pockets. The filth Johnson put out via BET shows how much he cares about the black community. There is more drug use on BET videos in an hour than I suspect Barack ever saw in his teens. If Johnson think we are stupid enough to believe his weak explanation of what he meant, then he's living a fairytale.

Also, I am very sure Johnson knows someone who has been affected by drugs. As I'm sure the majority of Americans also do. Drug use in this country is so widespread that no matter who you are, you probably have been touched by it. I am also sure Johnson through BET has most certainly caused a fair amount of this drug activity. Along with the violence that goes hand and hand with the drug trade in the black community. Johnson did all this for money. Barack worked in his community to bring positive change. Barack did the work he did to better the living conditions of his community. He did it for very little pay. While Johnson was making his Billion destroying the neighborhood. And the black community as a whole.

I keep hearing about the great record the Clintions have on civil rights. How they always stood up for the rights of black people. Johnson thinks blacks should reward them for doing the right thing. This fact however, does not preclude them for using race as wedge issue between blacks and whites. The Clintons want, and crave power. They will do whatever it takes to get power back. This includes manufacturing some phony controversy to pit whites against blacks. Does anyone remember sister solider. The Clintons will do anything for power. ANYTHING Robert Johnson, so you have to watch your back. Just ask Dick Morris. Maybe Johnson can team up with pat buchanan, that way they can both bash Obama. Johnson can even use the word "cocaine."

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Iowa, New Hampshire

Iowa and New Hampshire a tell of two states, Iowa, thanks for proving that a highly accomplished black can win a white majority. NH, thanks for being the first in the nation primary. NH thanks for polling on the money, for republicans.

No one knows what happened with the democrat polling, or the electronic voting machines. Some suspect that the outcome was due to no paper trail. Some suspect that the people polled lied to the pollsters. I don't know what happened. But a 13 to 20% swing in less than 12 hours is weird, to say the least.

Obama is still my choice. I just don't want the Clinton comedy show back in town for another 4/8 years. Though, as looks now that is whats going to happen. Lord help us all. They will do anything for power. And if Obama wins South Carolina look for the Clintons to start dealing the race card from the middle, top, and bottom of the deck.

If you think those things Mark Penn and others in the Clinton campaign (including Bill and Hillary) have said are racist, just wait, you ain't seen nothing yet. Calling Obama a crack dealer will be kind in comparison to what's going to come from the Clinton campaign. Obama will be living in crack houses by the time the Clinton campaign finishes trashing him.

And they will put Pat Buchanan out to aide them every step of the way. Buchanan will be on TV every chance he gets saying cocaine, Obama, and every other negative Clinton talking point he can use against Obama. No matter if the things the Clintons the put out or true or not. Buchanan just can't stomach the idea of having a black man as his President.