Sunday, August 31, 2008

They Say It, So It's Wrong

Wow! What a great speech Barack gave accepting our party's nomination for President. The media naysayers said it would be difficult for him to meet the expectations they set for him, gees, do they feel stupid. Home run, triple play. He met his expectations, and ours the people, as he always has, and I think always will. Barack benefited from the nonsense pimps in the media over analyzing his convention and his acceptance speech.

The thing that confuses some of us is why do certain media people keep setting themselves up to appear to be so dumb. Dumb and stupid. Every since Barack announced his run for the Presidency, the word pimps have gotten everything about him, and us wrong. They said he could never raise the money to compete, yet he raised more money than any Presidential candidate in history. And used the people donations very wisely. They said he was not black enough for blacks to vote for him. He has 98% black support. They said was to black for whites to vote for him. He has more whites voting for him than any previous democratic nominee. They said he couldn't stand up to the Clinton name recognition, fundraising, and organization power. He not stood up to the Clintons, he surpassed them. They said his convention would be commandeered by Bill and Hill, well he showed on Thursday night that he was in total charge. They said it couldn't be done. That Barack would never be our nominee, he did it. HAHA! They say it, so it's wrong.

They have never gotten anything right about him, because they can't get past their own preconceptions about how things are supposed to be in this country. They want to shape what people are thinking. So much so, that they can't see the forest for the trees. The feel they should be able to tell us what to think, and who to vote for, and to believe in. When will they learn, they can't shape opinion as to the phenomenon that is Barack Hussein Obama. As we blacks have come to expect from the establishment, low expectations. Keep underestimating us, keep underestimating President Barrack Obama.

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