Sunday, October 26, 2008

White Southerns, The Welfare State, Race, And Voting Republican

The South, what can I say here about my region of the United States? I love my home. The Southern state of Alabama. I can't say the same for the majority of it's occupants. The White Southerns with superiority complexes, and their almost self destructive voting patterns. They vote Republican, yet they need Democrats (In the '04 election white men here in Alabama voted for Bush man for man). I say this because they need the many social programs that the Democrats have enacted over the years. Programs that Republicans fought the Democrats on tooth and nail. Programs that they would be downright pitiful without.

All the whites I know, and I know quite a few, get some help from the Federal Government. A majority of them get the whole nine yards. Food stamps, medicaid, public housing, help with heating bills, free or reduced school meals for their children, and those first of the month and welfare checks. A lot of white southern Republican voters would be homeless, and starving if it weren't for Democrats. Their children would hardly ever see a real doctor.

Yet, if you ask why they vote Republican, the answers most often given are: the Democrats want to give everything away. Sometime they say: Democrats want gay to marry, (some have gay relatives and friends, but conclude this a safe answer, since a lot of black people are also bigoted toward gay Americans). Some say; because of abortion. A lot of the white women I know have had abortions, most have had more than one. Since a lot of white Southerns benefit greatly from Govt safety net programs that the Democrats put in place, and the gay and abortion reasons don't whole water. It's plain and simple why they vote republican: Race. These particular white folks perceive Republicans as being more in tune with their feelings on white supremacy. The proof is this; when the racist Dixiecrats ruled the south, the entire white south was voting democratic. After Democrats put in laws that assured blacks would have the same Federal Govt protected rights as whites in the south Dixiecrats all went to the republican side of the isle in local, state and Federal Govt. And so the most whites voters

I once asked a white co-worker with all Government help she gets from Democratic programs (and she get the whole nine yards), why is she a Republican? She answered "my family has always voted Republican". I said to her that George Wallace was Democrat, and that I knew her family voted for him. She did not respond (maybe she didn't know Wallace was Democrat).

In the 1968 Alabama's Governor George C Wallace, who gained all his power in the racist south by demonizing blacks, and promising segregation forever, ran for POTUS as an Independent. He based his campaign on a racist platform, and won five southern states.

More than a "few"southern whites want and need all the benefits from Democratic social programs, but they vote Republican to feel above other races. For Democrats are seen as more tolerant towards blacks and other minorities. The Republicans set up, and used very well, the southern strategy (portraying blacks as lazy, ignorant people, who hate work, only want to live off government handouts, and most of all, that white women are in danger of be being spoiled by black men). The Republicans knew that white a lot of Southerns (and whites in general) would flock to them in droves using this sorry bogus strategy.

The 1990 census numbers show that 63% of all American welfare recipients are whites from the South, Mid South, and Southwest (link below). The very places where whites are complaining the loudest about the welfare state. The south is filled with whites that live in fantasy land. A land that only non whites benefit from the Democratic social programs. These whites need the entitlements, and want Republicans in office.

If a person were to drive the streets of one of these southern towns, most of the businesses the person would see, are check cashing payday loan places, Wal-Marts, and plenty of fast food joints. If the person were to go in one of the fast food joints, the only people the person would see behind the counters would be blacks and browns. The hardest working people in the world are blacks and browns. We do lowest paid, most labor intensive jobs. Yet according to whites Southerns they don't deserve the same Government help they, whites get.


Anonymous said...

You're statements are nowhere close to the truth. I was in the house rental business several years back in NE AL. Over 500 houses most all low income 80% of our renters were black. 90% of the 80% of black folks we rented to were receiving some form of goverment help. Im sure there are plenty of white folks that also receive assistance, but in my line of business it was nowhere close. In no way am I trying to be disrespectful to any race. This is just from my experience dealing with over 500 renters. Also, keep in mind this was in the low income housing market. I'm sure that there are plenty of hard working blacks out there, but to insinuate that one race is harder working than the other is ridiculous.

Maybe one day we can drop the black and white issue and say that there are plenty of hard working Americans (both black and white), and plenty of lazy Americans.

Also, I would love to see the census records you are reffering to. I could not find that anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find that stat on white people and the census? I've always known that it was whites who are the main welfare recipients but I had no idea that they were Southern Republicans?

Anonymous said...

you need to read up on your history about wallace. he allowed the first blacks to enter and attend the university of alabama,and was one of the people involved in getting rid of segregation. he also ran for president and was shot by a white man. i am a white man from alabama. i voted for obama this last election because he seemed like a good canidate, not because of the color of his skin. but i see it too often the black community around here praising obama because he is a black man. the man hasnt done anything yet. praise him in four years when he has. and you think us "white folks" are racist.

blaqueheartedarken said...

america has never had a president of african descent. to say that obama hasnt done anything yet is ridiculous because he helped white america to prove something about itself.something very important to black america and the world. that times are changing and racial attitude is take a tone of pointing the finger at blacks for being racist is ridiculous too because everyone is racist and must consciously strive to overcome the natural racial apprehensions we all feel as human beings. i should also say that in the south there are millions of racially tolerant whites. dont let the fear and hate mogers fool you. we love white americans and america itself and have only wanted to be a part of america's promise.

Anonymous said...

It's because your sample group is fairly small, that being only about 500 houses. Also, it is more than likely that you worked in predominately Black communities.

If you have lived in the White communities I lived in, 90% of them received some form of government subsidy.

I agree that the idea of race should be dropped in the use of perpetuating stereotypes and generalizations, however this blog entry intention is to debunk those false stereotypes and generalizations.

Anonymous said...

This is a truth that white people don't want to get out. The true welfare queen is a white woman in rural areas. The figure is around 60% of whites on welfare. It's just easier for whites to continue to put on the picture of perfection while stereotyping blacks as welfare queens to hide their own issues.

And what is ironic is that whites are the first group to say that struggling minorities should pick themselves up by their bootstraps, yet are sucking up all the welfare dollars despite all of their white privileges.

Anonymous said...

The author of this article is a racist idiot. Blacks and hispanics are the hardest working? WRONG!! Which races are the smartest and the best at creating jobs? Whites and asians. If it wasn't for affirmative action at universities, the admit rates for blacks and hispanics would be close to zero. And your use of statistics is absurd. Whites may make up the most of the welfare population but that's because they are over 70% of the US population. A more accurate assessment is what percentage of a race is on welfare. For that, over 30% of blacks are on welfare compared to 9% of whites.

Anonymous said...

Your blog name is misleading, it should be "Deep South Liberal Idiot"