Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Clintons Still In Our Faces, Why Barack Why?

I just want the Clintons to go away. Lord knows, I was elated when Barack Obama entered the race for POTUS. Not only would the country get a dynamic, charismatic very capable leader, and a very stylish beautiful smart first lady in Michelle, and their adorable girls as first children. But the main thing for me was that he was the one democratic candidate that could beat Hilliary for the nomination. And indeed he did. Now President-elect Obama is going to appoint Hillary as his Secretary of State. Just when I thought the Clintons were finally put away, only to come out in the open when Bill did something stupid to get himself noticed, he craves any kind of attention.

This is a slap in the faces of all us true believers who worked so hard to get Barack elected our 44th President. Really we, or maybe I should speak for myself, I did the grunt work for his campaign. I knocked on the doors, made the phone calls, hosted events, attended the strategy meetings, and took the did it all without getting paid one thin dime. In fact all at my expense. I was insulted on the phone, had doors slammed in my face, and called names. All by the very same people Hillary worked so hard to woo out to vote for her during the summer.

Please don't get me wrong, I was more than happy to do everything I could to get Barack elected. But I didn't do it all to get Hillary the plum job of Secretary Of State. She deserves nothing, let her work for John McCain. After all, she worked so hard for him during the primaries. "Senator McCain will bring a lifetime of experience," "Sen. Obama will bring a speech". This is just one of the many nice things Hillary said in the postive of Sen. McCain, and not so nice things in the negative of POTUS-elect Obama, while chasing the dragon in quest of her insatiable need to be POTUS. Heck, she even loosely said she was hanging in the primary race when there was no chance for her to win the nomination, in case then Sen. Obama got taken out by some looney she helped race bait.

For the life of me I can't understand Barack's decision to bring the Clintons into forefront of his administration, or back into our, the American people, lives. I thought with Barrack winning the nomination and Presidency that we would finally be rid of the never ending dramaedy a.k.a the Bill and Hill road show. God knows we deserve to be free of the stupid Clinton comedy tour, oh so sad, so so sad for us.

Why would he even want this woman anywhere near him, his family, his White House, or his adminstration. This totally baffles me. And indeed, just because he seems to to want her as Secretary Of State, doesn't mean we, his loyal supporters should have to suffer for at least the next four years. We deserve his loyalty more than any promises he made to the Clintons. Four more long years of red-faced Bill wagging his crooked finger at the t.v. cameras, biting his thin dried out, cracked up bottom lip, ...yuck. God help us. They'll never be in the background.

Being a black American I am personally offended by Barack's picking Hillary for this position. My memory is apparently much longer than his. "Americans, hard working Americans, White Americans" don't vote for this negro, is the message she intended to send to her white supporters. Bill Clinton was a little more sneaky in his dealing out the race card, "Jesse Jackson won here twice", Bill said of the South Carolina primary. The message, the only reason Barack could win South Carolina would be because blacks make up the majority of the democratic base in the state. I'm not saying the Clintons are racist, I don't think they are. But I also know they have no problem playing one race against another race to get their way. They have no problem using whatever they deem it might take. No matter the hurt.

Why Barack, WHY? Why are you doing this to us? Why make the Clintons more important than they deserve to be? I mean Barack is the President-elect, yet all the news media has been talking about for the past couples of weeks is the Clintons, and their warped way of getting themselves back in the headlines. Why Barack Why?

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