Saturday, November 8, 2008

Blacks And Gay Marriage, Some Nerve

First of all I want to say I'm not gay, nor bisexual. And I am a black woman.

The voters of California took away the rights of the state's gay citizens to legally marry. It was a some what close vote 52.4% to 47.6%. So now the law abiding gay citizens of the progressive state of California can still legally have civil union dates. Send out civil union invitations, go on their civil union honeymoons. Here's to the happy couples, may they have many memory filled years together in their civil unions.

What I want to write about here is the breakdown of the votes, as to how certain ethnic groups voted. A mind boggling 70% of blacks voted in favor of the ban against gay marriage. The most put out reason the yea voters gave to explain this stupid vote is the Bible teachings. The moral teachings that tell us same sex people should not lay together.

Can you believe it, black women and men who have 70% of their children out of marriage. Black women who often have three, four or more children before they are twenty four years old, all without being married. And get this, most of the time the children are fathered by different men. Black men who seem to have one purpose as far fatherhood goes, to spread as many children around, by as many different women as possible. Of course their main purpose is to have sex with as many different women as they possibly can in their lifetimes, no matter the consequences. These men often leave the children they father completely the responsibility of the poor mothers, and us taxpayers. Some black men I know have kids they never met. Yet these are the people that voted to stop marriage.

Under the circumstances I described above its seems such people would be happy for any marriages, same sex or not. The black women and men I'm referring to here have some nerve forcing their so called morals on the basic human rights of people who want to marry. People who want to live in a partnerships and share to responsibility on maintaining their relationships. After all why does gays getting married matter to any of the people that voted to outlaw it.

As for the down with marriage voting blacks that say they voted for the ban on the basic of Bible teachings. Man, should they read farther into the pages of the Bible. If they did, I am most certain that they would come across the teachings against fornication (sex between single women and men), adultery, and the responsibilities of mothers and fathers to the children they create. And please don't even go there on Bible teachings as to how we should treat each other as humans beings. The Bible teaches that we should not kill, steal, bare false witness, covet against our neighbors. The Bible also tells us to feed the hungry, comfort and tend the sick, house the homeless, treat others with the respect all humans deserve, and most of all, to be our brothers and sister keepers. You know the Bible even tells us eating catfish is the same as homosexuallity.
On the other hand I can see why people living their lives in such sin and misery would vote to stop to others minorities from living the whole complete lives that happy, healthy marriages offer. The stability, the love, the respect, and having someone there for the good and bad times.

Of course the thoughts I've expressed here in no way apply to all black women and men, but I'm very sure my words here are true to many of the blacks who voted in favor of the dumb law. These are the people who will go home to low rent apartments, where several fatherless live, to women or men they are not marred to, and have sex. Like the old saying goes "if I can't have it, no one can".

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