Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pinch Me, No It's Real

I have been a true believer from the start, now the American people and indeed the world know what Barack, Michelle, his family, and us loyal supporters have known all along. Yes he can. I will be honored to call him President Barack Hussein Obama.

They said it was dreaming the impossible dream, yet we accomplished the mission impossible, they said it couldn't be done, we did it. They said we didn't deserve it, and I'm here to tell you, God knows, do ever we deserve it.

We realize that our victory will be a bitter pill to take for some civic minded citizens in this country we live in, and have to learn to share. We know that very well, after all we have been swallowing that pill since the beginning of the history in the new world. We took the medicine they prescribed for us and survived it. Heck, we might have even got stronger because it was forced down our throats. Surely the the newly medicated here will be just fine as well.

Being a child of the nineteen sixties, growing in in the great red state of Alabama one's gotta have dreams. The harsh and often brutal living conditions that we were made to live under left us with little else but prayers, hope and indeed dreams. Dreams of living free in our country of birth. The country of freedoms. Those dreams of a equality of life were only fantasies bav
ck then.

My only regret now is that my parents have both passed on, and can't be here for this living history. I can just imagine my mama pulling that level for Barack, the joy on her face. That sight to me; priceless. Even during those very dangerous and dark times she had the strength and will to act on her beliefs. She did what blacks were suppose to do during the Movement, she walked to her job as domestic servant for wealthy white land owners. She work for the same family for over 10 years, the highest pay she got from them was two dollars a day. I know it sounds impossible, but all so outrageously true. She went to the church meetings. She shied away from certain businesses and other places. She withstood the pressure, from both blacks and whites. She never wavered in her courage, and dreams of equality.

In her lifetime tremendous change took place as to how blacks were treated in this country, and indeed part of the dream she longed for in her younger years was realized. She and others like her were able to live their country, and not be afraid to live freely in their country. And make no mistake I'm so so glad that my parents generation saw this all too deserved life change.

The unfortunate misfits that cause so much tearful destruction in the black community these days could learn a lot from the people who pave the streets of freedom that these jerks now splatter with their own blood. The youth today could never stand up to the things we, mostly my parents generation stood up to.

Yes I have been a true believer since he first announced. You see I had no other choice, growing up in the deep south in the pre-civil rights era left me only with the dreams to look forward, and I still believe in dreams. Living proof is here in Barack's most unlikely quest, that there's nothing wrong believing in dreams.


SomeOneLikeMe said...

This is a very powerful message. I was moved to tears as I read it. It is true that some don't appreciate, the struggle that others went through just for us to be able to say we live in a "free country." They don't vote, they don't educate themselves...and I truly believe that is a step back. I believe. Yes we can!

~ M A R I P O S A ~ said...

Thank you for those meaningful words of wisdom. Yes lots of us newbies are too young to remember. We only know what we have read in history book, or what our mamas have told us. I know i'll never know the extent of what our ancestors went through... but i can feel the magic of their dream coming alive. And i'm glad that I'm alive today with their blood still pumping in my veins... and i'm watching all of our dreams come true!!!!