Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The New New Republicans

The republican politicians, strategist, and media pundits really have a low opinion of their supporters common sense, intellect, and ability to grasp the reality of what their eyes see, and what their ears hear. The republicans believe that their supporters are so brainwashed that they will support them no matter the reality. If republicans tell their repubbots followers to follow us, supporters fall in single file and wait for the comet.

The republican nominees for the presidency and vice presidency McCain and Palin, or Calin McPal. The couple now says they are the past to the repasted future. They say they are the original mavericks, they are going to Gallup in to D.C and change government. They are the reformers the nation has been waiting for. Yep, the new future to the old past. McCain and cohorts think their supporters are so dumb, and so big "R" republican that they will follow them to he gates of hell, and throw themselves into the lake of fire.

The republicans now say they are going to get rid of deregulations, they are going to be the regulators on companies that they (republicans) let run amok under the GOP's leadership. The new republicans are going stop the very earmarks that their congress people now request, they are going to do oversight. They are going to now look out for the good of common people. Sure the are, I'm sure they will give them a thumbs up as their supporters security gets much less secure.

The republicans and John McCain now care about sexism. Can you believe it, the republicans who have voted against every bill in congress that supported women. Equal pay, equal health care, both in research and treatment. Child care, On and on, Yet now the are the caretakers of anti sexism in our country. Fact is, every single thing that the right sees as helpful to we the people, they are against, class warfare the yell.

Every election cycle the dumb people who follow the right fall for this crap. These people get banged up, beat down and dogged out. Yet, time after time they vote republican because these candidates are like them. "you identify with me", so please make my life and my family lives more of a hardship than you did four years ago. "It's ok if my kids can't get their teeth fix, cause the republican POTUS vetoes the new chips program. They hunt and skin their kill, just like me. The republican politicians and voters that vote in office, the extreme dysfunctional family.

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